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M - Montana Historical Society

M & M Bar, Butte, MT


MT PRRIME--New State Computer System 1999

MacDonald Pass, MT

McHaffie Site, Jefferson County, MT

McAllister, MT

McAlpine Ranch, Valier, MT

McCarthyville, MT

McCone County Memorial Building & Recreation Association

McCone County, MT

McCone County, MT - Local Government Study Commission

McCone County Museum, Circle, MT

McDonald’s Restaurants

McDowell Ranches, Inc. Wisdom, MT

McGowan Commercial Company, Plains, MT

McLaughlin Research Institute—Great Falls, MT

McMaster Ranch

McQuarrie, MT

McQueen, MT

Mackinaws (Boats)

Made in Montana

Madison Buffalo Jump

Madison County Fair

Madison County, MT

  • Government
  • History

Madison Forest Reserve

Madison Valley

  • Churches

Madison Valley History Association

Madisonian (Newspaper)


Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), Butte, MT

Magpie Creek, Lewis & Clark Co. MT

MAI WAH Society, Inc.

Maiden, MT

Mainstreet Uptown Butte, Inc.

Makoshika State Park, Dawson Co., MT

Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls, MT

Malmstrom Historical Foundation, Inc.

Malnarich, Erv Outfitters & Guides School, Hamilton, MT

Malta, MT

Malta, MT – History

Malting Barley


Mammoth, MT

Manchester, MT

Mandan Indians

Mandrake Root


Manhattan, MT

Mann Gulch Fire, 1949

Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs

Mansfield Foundation

Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner - Helena, MT

Manufacture Feed

Manufactured Housing

Manufacturing Industries - Montana

Manuscript Society, The


  • Bibliography
  • Birdseyes
  • Highway - Montana 


Marent Trestle

Margaret Theater, Anaconda, Mt

Margarine - Oleomargarine Bill, 1953

Marias Museum of History and Art, Shelby, Mt

Marias Pass

Marias River:

  • Floods
  • History 

Marijuana - Cannabis

Marijuana - Medical

Marion, MT

Marlow Theatre, Helena, MT


Marsh, MT

Marshall Ski Area, Missoula, MT

Marsy's Law

Martin City, MT

Martina, MT

Martinsdale, MT

Marysville Geothermal Project

Marysville Gold Mining Co.

Marysville, MT – Cemetery

  • History
  • Pioneer Society

Mason, Mt

Masonic Home, Helena, MT

Mass Media



Matador Land Company

Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match

Mattresses – Law & Legislation

Maynard Mine

MEA-MFT [Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers]

Meaderville, MT

Meagher County – Agriculture

  • Census, 1870
  • History

Meagher County Historical Association, White Sulphur Springs, MT

Measles - Montana

Meat Cutters

Medal of Honor


Medical Care—Montana

Medical History of the West (Conference), Bozeman, MT

Medicare/Medicaid - Montana

Medicine - Montana - Obama Care

Medicine Bundles

Medicine in Montana (4 folders)

Medicine Lake, MT

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Medicine Lodge, MT

Medicine in Montana (4 folders)

Medicine - Montana - Obama Care

Medicine, Patent

Medicine Rock, Malta, MT

Medicine Rocks State Park

Medicine Tree, Ravalli County

Medicine Wheel (2 folders)

Meeteetse Trail

Mehmke Museum - Great Falls, MT

Melrose, MT

Melstone, MT

Melville, MT

Memorial Day

Mennonite Church

  • Bloomfield, MT
  • Creston, MT

Mental Health – Montana

Menus - Montana

MERDI (Montana Economical Revitalization and Development Institute), Butte, MT

Merino, MT

  • SEE ALSO: Harlowton (Merino II)
  • Merino I: Meagher County—ca. 1880-1900
  • Merino II: Fergus/Judith Basin Counties—ca. 1915-1955

Merit System

Meriwether Ranch - Melrose, MT

Merlins - Montana

Merrill’s Marauders


Mesothelioma - Asbestos-related lung cancer


Methamphetamine - MT - Montana Meth Project


Methodist Church

  • Babb, MT
  • Bannack, MT
  • Billings, MT
  • Box Elder, MT
  • Bozeman, MT
  • Cascade, MT
  • Chester, MT
  • Circuit Riders
  • Columbia Falls, MT
  • Geraldine, MT
  • Glendive, MT
  • Great Falls, MT
  • Hardin, MT
  • Helena, MT
  • Helena, MT Grand Street
  • Helena, MT St. Paul's
  • Hinsdale, MT
  • History
  • Hymns
  • Kalispell, MT
  • Lewistown, MT
  • Lincoln, MT
  • Livingston, MT
  • Ministers
  • Missions
  • Opheim, MT
  • Park City, MT
  • Pine Creek, MT
  • Red Lodge, MT
  • Scobey, MT
  • Townsend, MT
  • Twin Bridges, MT
  • Virginia City, MT 
  • Whitehall, MT
  • Winnett, MT

Methodist Episcopal Church-Billings, MT

  • Great Falls, MT
  • Marysville, MT
  • Meaderville, MT
  • South Helena

Metis (2 folders)

Mexicans in Montana

  • SEE ALSO: Spanish in Montana

Micro-News Bulletin

Micro Wave Communications Systems

Midland Empire Fair, Billings, MT

Midwestern Rail Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Migrant Workers

Mike Horse Mine and Dam, Lincoln, MT

Mildred, MT

Miles City, MT

  • Buildings 
  • Churches 
  • Description & Travel 1950 
  • History
  • History clippings
  • Library
  • Newspapers

Miles City Community College, Miles City, MT

Miles City Kennel Club, Miles City, MT

Militants - Montana

Military Decorations

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Military Recruiting

Milk River

  • Floods
  • History

Milk River Project

Milk River Wagon Train

Mill Creek, Deer Lodge County, MT

Mill Iron Ranch, Carter County, MT

Millegan Community Montana, Schools


Milling & Concentration - Idaho

Millionaires – Montana

Milltown Dam

Milner Livestock Company, Fort Benton, MT

Minah Mine, Jefferson County

Mine Safety

Mineral County Historical Society, Superior, MT

Mineral County, MT - History


Minerals - Industrial

Mines - Tunnels

Mines & Mineral Resources

  • Granite County, MT
  • Jefferson County, MT 
  • Judith Basin, MT
  • Lewis & Clark County, MT 
  • Lincoln County, MT 
  • Madison County, MT
  • Powell County, MT

Mines & Mineral Resources Statistics

Mines & Mining, Montana (3 folders)

Mines & Mining, Montana - Economic Conditions

Ming Opera House, Helena, MT

  • SEE ALSO: Broadsides K-226

Minimum Wage - Montana 

Mining Bureau  – Montana

Mining Districts - Montana

Mining History Association

Mining Law, 1872 & Later

Mining Machinery


Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Sault Saint Marie Railway

Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Mint, Great Falls, MT

Minutemen Missile

“Miracle in the Wilderness”

Miracle of America Museum - Polson, MT


Miss Montana National Pre-Teen

Miss Montana Pageant

Miss Teen Rodeo

Miss Teen USA


Missing Persons - Montana (includes Emergency Notifications)

Mission Mountain College, Polson, MT

Mission Mountain Wood Band

Mission Mountains

Mission Ranch - Doug Ensign, Livingston area

Mission Valley Heritage Association, Ronan, MT

Missionaries - Bibliography

Missions in Montana

Missoula Art Museum

Missoula Children’s Theater

Missoula County 

  • Bridges
  • Court House
  • Elections -1862
  • History
  • Libraries
  • Politics & Government 
  • Trades & Labor Council

Missoula Hawthorne Club

  • SEE: Johnson, Joseph "Joe"

Missoula Mental Health Association, Missoula, MT

Missoula Mercantile Company, Missoula, MT

Missoula, MT

  • Art Museums
  • Banks
  • Bars
  • Bridges & Overpasses
  • Buildings
  • Businesses
  • Carousel
  • Cemeteries
  • Centennial 
  • Churches 
  • Clubs, Groups, Organizations
  • Description - 1909, 1950, 1960, 1970-2005, 2006-
  • Fire Department Relief Association
  • Government
  • Historic Preservation
  • Historical Pageants-1915, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955
  • History (2 folders) 
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels, Motels, KYSS
  • Libraries
  • Missoula Mercantile
  • Museums 
  • Newspapers
  • Parks
  • Politics & Government
  • Schools
  • Social Life
  • Subdivisions/Zoning
  • Theater 
  • Transportation 
  • Water 

Missoula Ground Observers Corps

Missoula Museum of the Arts

Missoula Valley Project

Missoula YWCA

Missoulian (Newspaper)

Missoulians on Bicycles

Missouri Fur Company

Missouri Headwaters State Park

Missouri River:

  • Bridges
  • Commission - 1884
  • Cruise, Glasgow, MT
  • Dams
  • Description & Travel (2 folders)
  • Description & Travel 1937 
  • History (2 folders)
  • Management
  • Maps
  • Recreational Use
  • Woodyards

Missouri River Basin Project

Missouri River Breaks

Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Missouri River Packet Company

Missouri River Power Company

Missouri River Wilderness Waterway

Missouri-Souris Irrigation Project

Missouri Valley Authority


Mitchell, MT

  • SEE ALSO: Martin A. Mitchell

Mizpah, MT

Mobridge, MT

Moccasin, MT


Modern Woodmen of Montana


Molders & Shapers

Molt, MT


Monarch, MT

Mondak Historical & Arts Society, Sidney, MT

Mondak, MT

Monida & Yellowstone Stage Line

Monida Pass

Monkey Pox

Mont-Aqua Mineral Well Co.

Montague, MT

Montana 4-H Club


Montana - Naming of

Montana (Moving Picture) 1950

Montana Aberdeen-Angus Association

Montana Academy of Sciences

Montana Adjutant General

Montana Adventures

Montana Advisory Council for Outdoor Recreation

Montana Aeronautics Commission (2)

Montana Aerospace Development Association

Montana Agricultural Business Association

Montana Agricultural Center & Museum of the Northern Great Plaines--Fort Benton, MT

Montana Agricultural Emigrant Aid Association

Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, Bozeman, MT

Montana Air National Guard (MANG)

Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL)

Montana Alliance for Arts Education

Montana American Festival Project

Montana Angora Goat Company, Helena, MT

Montana Angus Association

Montana Antique Aircraft Association

Montana Archaeological Society

Montana Art Gallery Directors Association

Montana Artists Refuge - Basin, MT

Montana Arts Advocacy

Montana Arts Council

  • SEE ALSO: Governor's Awards for the Arts

Montana Association for Mental Health

Montana Association for Retarded Children & Adults, Inc

Montana Association for the Blind

Montana Association of Churches

Montana Association of Conservations Districts

Montana Association of Counties

Montana Association of County Commissioners

Montana Association of Future Homemakers of America

Montana Association of Land Trusts

Montana Association of Museums

Montana Association of Planners

Montana Association of Realtors

Montana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

Montana Association of School Administrators

Montana Association of Weavers & Spinners

Montana Attorney General's Office

Montana Audubon

Montana Authors’ Coalition

Montana Automobile Association

Montana Bankers Association

Montana Bar Association

Montana Beef Council

Montana Bicentennial Commission (1776-1976)

Montana Bi-metallic League

Montana Bioscience Alliance - Bozeman, MT

Montana Board of Crime Control

Montana Board of Education

Montana Board of Environmental Review

Montana Board of Housing

Montana Board of Land Commissioners

Montana Board of Livestock Commissioners

Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

Montana Board of Pardons

Montana Board of Railroad Commissioners

Montana Book Award

Montana Boosters

Montana Bowhunters Associations

Montana Boys State

Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology (MBMG)

Montana Burial Preservation Board

Montana Capitol Commission

Montana Catholic Register

Montana Cattle Company

Montana Cattlemen’s Association

Montana Centennial Farm & Ranch Program

Montana Centennial Train

Montana Center for Cerebral Palsy & Handicapped Children - Billings, MT

Montana Center for the Aged, Lewistown, MT

Montana Center for the Book

Montana Central Railroad

Montana Central Railroad & Recreation Company

Montana Chamber of Commerce (2 folders)

Montana Child & Family Services

Montana Child Welfare Association

Montana Children’s Alliance

Montana Children’s Health Insurance Plan

Montana Children’s Home Society

Montana Christian Advocate

Montana Christian Endeavor Union

Montana Citizens Freight Rate Association

Montana City, MT

Montana Civil Air Patrol (2 folders)

Montana Club, Helena, MT (3 folders)

Montana Club, New York City, NY

Montana Coal Council, Helena, MT

Montana Coalition

Montana Collegiate Institute, Deer Lodge, MT

Montana Commissioner of Higher Education

Montana Commissioner of Political Practices

Montana Committee for the Humanities (2 folders)

Montana Common Ground

Montana Community Foundation

Montana Congressional Delegation

Montana Consensus Council

Montana Conservation Congress

Montana Conservation Corps

Montana Conservation Council, Inc.

Montana Consolidated Mines Corporation, Helena, MT

Montana Constitution-1884, 1889,

  • 1972 - Citizens for Constitution/Government
  • 1990 - Ballot Issue

Amendments to

  • Connections Committee

Montana Constitution Revision Commission

Montana Constitutional Convention, 1866, 1870, 1884, 1889,

Montana Constitutional Convention-1972 (3 folders)

  • Anniversaries
  • Plaque Dedication 
  • Preamble 
  • Unicameral Debates
  • Women Delegates

Montana Cooperative Extension Service, Bozeman, MT

Montana Corporation, The

Montana Council for the Social Studies

Montana Council for Indian Education

Montana Council of Defense

Montana Council of Mineral & Gem Clubs

Montana Council on Civic Broadcasting

Montana Council on Human Resources

Montana County Clerks & Recorders, Assoc. of

Montana Cowbelles, Inc.

Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

Montana Cowboys Association

Montana Cowboys Museum, Great Falls, MT

Montana Crime Control Commission

Montana Criminal Law Enforcement Center (MONTCLIRC)

Montana Cultural Advocacy

Montana Cultural & Aesthetic Projects

  • Re: Coal Trust Funds

Montana – Dakota Utilities Co.

Montana Department of Administration

Montana Department of Agriculture

Montana Department of Business Regulation

Montana Department of Commerce

Montana Department of Commerce - Treasure State Endowment Program

Montana Department of Community Affairs

Montana Department of Corrections

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences

Montana Department of Highways-Construction

  • SEE ALSO: Montana State Highway Commission
  • Maintenance
  • Maps
  • Motion (Moving) Pictures
  • Personnel

Montana Department of Institutions

Montana Department of Justice – Motor Vehicles Division

Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Montana Department of Livestock

Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

Montana Department of Planning & Economic Development

Montana Department of Professional & Occupational Licensing

Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services

Montana Department of Revenue

Montana Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services

Montana Department of State Lands

Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Description & Travel – 1889-1993

Montana Development Association

Montana Developmental Center - Boulder (Montana State Training School)

Montana Disaster & Emergency Services

Montana Displaced Homemaker Center - Bozeman, MT

Montana Eastern Railway Company (Great Northern Subsidiary)

Montana Elder Foundation

Montana Energy & Research Development Institute

Montana Environmental Information Center

Montana Environmental Policy Act

Montana Environmental Quality Council

Montana Equal Suffrage Association & Equal Rights Association

"Montana Families" newsletter

Montana Farm Bureau Federation

Montana Farmers Union

Montana Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs

Montana Federation of Historical Society Workers

Montana Federation of Public Employees - merged from MFT and MEA-MFT

Montana Federation of Teachers - SA: MEA-MFT - these two merged

Montana Festival of the Book

Montana Film Commission/Office - S.A.: Films - Montana

Montana Fish & Game Commission

Montana Fish & Game Department

  • SEE ALSO: Montana Fish & Game Commission
  • History – name changed to Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks - 1979

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Montana Folk Festival - Butte, MT

Montana Folk-life Project

Montana Food Bank Network

Montana Food Corps

Montana Geographic Society

Montana Geological Society

Montana Gerontology Society

Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society

Montana Girls State

Montana Gold & Silver Mining Co., Madison County

Montana Good Government Organization

Montana Grain Growers Association

Montana Gunslingers Association

Montana Headwaters Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project

Montana Health Planning Council

Montana Healthcare Foundation

Montana Heart Association

Montana Heritage Commission

  • SEE ALSO: Virginia City Preservation Alliance

Montana Heritage Foundation

Montana Heritage Project

Montana Heritage Scholarship Fund

Montana HER story

Montana High School Association

Montana Higher Education

Montana Highway Commission

Montana Highway Patrol

Montana Hillside Letters

Montana Historical Society— 

  • Acquisitions 
  • African American Heritage Resource Project 
  • Alberta-Montana Heritage Partnership 
  • Archives
    • Acquisitions
    • Personnel
    • Publications
  • Art Exhibits 
  • Awards 
    • SA: MHS - Bradley Fellowship 
    • SA: MHS - Walter Fellowship 
  • Bradley Fellowship
  • Bronzes
  • Budget & Finances
  • Building (Veterans Memorial) 
  • Building Addition, 1970 
  • Building Addition, 1985-1986
  • Building New - 2005-2009
  • Building New - 2010-present
  • Charles M. Russell Art
    • Reproductions
  • Christmas Cards
  • Clippings (3 folders)
  • Directors (2 folders)
    • Richard Sims 2006-2010 (Oct.)
    • 2010-2011
    • 2012-present 
  • Docent Tour Materials
  • Education and Outreach 
  • Education Office
    • Capitol Tour Guides
    • Footlockers
    • History Camp
    • “Montana History Day”
    • Public Programs
    • Year of Women in History - 2014 
  • Exhibitions
  • ExploreBig 
  • Fine Arts Division
    • Exhibitions (2 folders)




Montana Historical Society - Mystic Lake

Montana Historical Society—

  • Greeting Cards
  • Herd Bull Sculpture 
  • History  
  • History Conference 
    • 1974-1987, 1988-1993, 1994-1998, 1999-2009, 2010-2017, 2021
  • History Cup 
  • Legislation
  • Library (2 folders)
    • Classroom Guide
    • Jack Mason Band Music Collection
    • Map Collection
    • Montana Memory Project 
    • Newspaper Project
    • Personnel
  • Logo
  • Membership
  • Merchandise
  • Montana Heritage Center 
  • Museum (2 folders)   
    • Anzick Collection 
    • Artifacts 
    • Capitol Painting Restorations
    • Civil War Exhibit 
    • F. Jay Haynes Exhibit
    • Hunting Exhibit (2016) 
    • John’s Gun Collection
    • Kerr Ivory Collection
    • Lewis & Clark Expedition Diorama
    • Livestock / Agriculture Exhibit 
    • Mackay Collection
    • Mining Exhibit
    • Military Museum & Trophy Room 
    • "Montana Homeland"
    • "Neither Empty Nor Unknown" Exhibit 
    • Oil & Gas Exhibit
    • Personnel
    • Poindexter Collection of Contemporary Art
    • Scriver Collection
    • Smithsonian
    • Store 
    • Store Catalogue
    • Temporary Exhibits
    • Territory Junction
  • Newspapers 
  • One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary 
  • Oral History Program
  • Organization Chart
  • Pamphlets
  • Personnel 
  • Photograph Archives
  • Photograph Archives - Film 
  • Photographs
  • Poindexter Gallery
  • Press
  • Programs 
  • Public Information Office 1993 
  • Publications
    • Burlingame-Toole Award
    • Montana the Magazine of Western History 
    • Personnel
    • Textbook 2007-2008
  • Reorganization 1890-1970 
  • Research Center
  • SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office)
  • SHPO - Preservation Awards 
  • Social Media 
  • Sports & Fitness 
  • State Historic Preservation Office
  • Stationery
  • Surveys, plans, reports, etc.
  • Timeline
  • Tours
  • Towe Ford Collection
  • Trustees
  • Trustees - Heritage Keepers Award & Heritage Guardian Award  
  • Volunteers
  • Walter Fellowship 
  • Western Rendezvous of Art - SA Montana Rendezvous of Western Art
  • WIKI (change to "Montana History Compass" 2016) 
  • Women's History Matters (2014)  

Montana History Foundation

Montana Hospital Association

Montana Horse Breeders Association

Montana Hotel, Anaconda, MT

Montana Hotel Association

Montana House, Apgar, MT

Montana Human Rights Network/Commission

Montana Hunger Coalition, Helena, MT

Montana Independent Living Project, Inc.

Montana Indian Art & Culture Association

Montana Indian Athletic Hall of Fame

Montana Indian Education Conference

Montana Indian Hall of Fame

Montana Indian Language Preservation Program

Montana Industrial Accident Board

Montana Industrial School

  • AKA: Ramona Mission, Boyd School

Montana Innocence Project

Montana Institute of the Arts (2 folders)

  • Festivals

Montana Inter Tribal Policy Board

Montana International Women’s Year

Montana Interscholastic, Missoula, MT

Montana Joint Merit System (April 6, 1943)

Montana Journal

Montana Land Board

Montana Land Reliance, Helena, MT

Montana Land Title Association

Montana Land Use Conference

Montana Law Enforcement Academy Bureau

Montana Law Enforcement Museum

Montana Law Library, Helena, MT

Montana League of Cities & Towns

Montana League of Conservation Voters

Montana Legal Service’s Association

Montana Legislative Assembly:

  • One folder for each Biennial Session
  • Campaign Finance
  • Handbooks
  • House of Representatives - Speakers 
  • Redistricting
  • Special Sessions
  • Territorial
  • 13th Territorial (2 folders)

Montana Legislative Branch – Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Montana Legislative Council

Montana Legislative Fiscal Division – Budgets

Montana Legislators - Native American

Montana Legislators - Obits

Montana Legislators - Odds & Ends (Youngest, Longest serving, Oldest, Native Americans, African American, Speakers, Families)

Montana Legislators - Women

Montana Literary Association

Montana Licensed Outfitters

Montana Liquor Control Board

Montana Livestock Auction Co., Butte, MT

Montana Living History Program

Montana Logging & Ballet Co.

Montana Loyalty League

Montana Lumber & Manufacturing Co.

“Montana Made”

Montana Major Facilities Siting Act

Montana Mandolin Society

Montana Marble Inc.

Montana Meat Company, Inc., Helena, MT

Montana Medal of Valor

Montana Medical Association

Montana Medical Education & Research Foundation

Montana Memory Project

Montana Mercantile Company

Montana Military History Commission

Montana Military Museum (Fort Harrison)

Montana Militiaman (Montana National Guard)

Montana Milk Control Division

Montana Mines, Helena, MT

Montana Mining Association

Montana Mining Bulletin, Helena, MT

Montana Moral Majority

Montana Motor Hotel Association, Helena, MT

Montana Mottos

  • SEE ALSO: Montana - Naming of

Montana Multi-Cultural History Project – 1979

Montana Municipal League

Montana Naming of

  • SEE ALSO: Montana Mottos

Montana National Abortion Rights Action League (MT NARAL)

Montana National Cowboys Association, Inc., Helena, MT

Montana National Guard (2 folders)

  • SEE ALSO: First Montana Infantry, Second Montana Infantry

Montana Native Plant Society

Montana Natural Heritage Program

Montana Natural History Center, Missoula, MT

Montana Natural Resource Information System (NRIS)

Montana Newspaper Association

Montana Newspaper Hall of Fame

Montana Normal Training School, Twin Bridges, MT

Montana Nurses Association

Montana Nursing Home Association

  • SEE ALSO: SC 2289

Montana Office of American Indian Health - c. 2015

Montana Office of Budget & Program Planning - Governor's Budget Office

Montana Office of Economic Opportunity

Montana Office of Indian Affairs

Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI)

  • Curriculum 
  • Indian Education
  • State Correspondence School 

Montana Oral History Association

Montana Organic Act, 1864

Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame

Montana Outfitters & Guides Association

Montana PTA

Montana Partners of the Americas

Montana People’s Action

Montana Petroleum Industries Committee

Montana Physicians’ Service

Montana Picnic, Phoenix, Arizona

Montana Pilots’ Association

Montana Pin (Nail)

Montana Pioneer & Classic Auto Club, Inc.

Montana - Place Names

Montana Poets Hall of Fame

Montana Policy Institute - Bozeman, MT

Montana Polled Hereford Association

Montana Post (Newspaper)

Montana Potato Improvement Association

Montana Power Company (2 folders)

  • SEE ALSO: Rainbow Dam
  • Deregulation (2 folders)

Montana Preservation Alliance

  • SEE: Preserve Montana


Montana Public Broadcasting System

Montana Public Defender’s Office, Butte, MT

Montana Public Employees Association

Montana Public Employees Retirement, 1945

Montana Public Employees Retirement System

Montana Public Health Association

Montana Public Radio

Montana Public Service Commission (2 folders)

Montana Quarter Horse Association

Montana Rail Link

Montana Rail Tours (Montana by Steam)

Montana Railroad Association

Montana Railroad Commission

Montana Railroad Company (Jawbone)

Montana Raptor Conservation Center, Bozeman, MT

Montana Rattlesnake Co., Livingston, MT

Montana Reclamation Association

Montana Recreational Waterway System

Montana Red Cross

Montana Relief Commission

Montana Religious Legislative Coalition

Montana Repertory Theater, Missoula, MT

Montana Resources, Inc.

Montana – Risk Management & Tort Defense

Montana Rural Rehabilitation Corporation

Montana Safety Belt Coalition, Inc.

Montana Sagebrush Writers

Montana School Board Association

Montana School for the Deaf & Blind

Montana School of Creative Arts

Montana Science Institute

Montana Science Teachers Association

Montana Secretary of State

Montana Senior Olympics

Montana Shakespeare Co.

Montana Shares

Montana Sheriffs’ & Peace Offices’ Association

Montana Short Horn Association

“Montana Silver”

Montana Silver Association

  • “Montana Dollar”

Montana Smelting Company, Great Falls, MT

Montana Socialist Workers Party

Montana Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

Montana Society for Crippled Children & Adults

Montana Society of Engineers

  • SEE ALSO: Hurdle, Thomas W.

Montana Society of Equity

Montana Society of Natural History

Montana Songwriter Guild

Montana Southern Railway (1919-1926)

  • SEE ALSO: Coolidge,  Elkhorn Mining District

Montana Special Olympics

Montana Specialty Mills - Great Falls, MT

Montana Speech & Hearing Association

Montana Sports Hall of Fame 

Montana AFL-CIO (2 folders)

Montana State Agricultural Extension Service

Montana State Animal

Montana State Apprenticeship Council

Montana State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner

Montana State Ballad

Montana State Banks

Montana State Bird

Montana State Board of Accountancy

Montana State Board of Education

Montana State Board of Equalization

Montana State Board of Examiner’s

Montana State Board of Hail Insurance

Montana State Board of Health

Montana State Board of Investments

Montana State Board of Nursing

Montana State Board Pharmacy

Montana State Board of Public Education

Montana State Board of Regents

Montana State Broadcasting – Radio & TV

Montana State Budget Office

Montana State Buildings

Montana State Capitol –

  • Artwork
  • Tribal Flag Plaza 
  • Women's Mural 

Montana State Capitol Building (5 folders)

  • Restoration
  • Statue (Dome)
  • Statue (Meagher)

Montana State Capitol Complex 

Montana State Centennial – 1989

  • (1) Miscellaneous
  • (2) Promotional Material
  • (3) Clippings

Montana State Centennial –Bell Teacher’s Award

  • Cattle Drive
  • Inaugural Ball

Montana State Corn Show, Miles City, MT

Montana State Correspondence School

Montana State Crime Lab

Montana State Data Center

Montana State Democratic Women’s Club (2 folders)

  • Newsletter

Montana State Department of Commerce

Montana State Department of Community Affairs

Montana State Department of Public Welfare

Montana State Departments – 1963

Montana State Employees

Montana State Employment Service

Montana State Enabling Act

Montana State Examiner

Montana State Fair

Montana State Fair - Helena, MT

Montana State Federation of Labor

Montana State Fish

Montana State Flag

Montana State Flower

Montana State Forest

Montana State Fossil – (Maiasaura Peeblesorum)

Montana State Fund

Montana State Gem Stones – Sapphire, Montana Agate

Montana State Genealogical Society

Montana State Government – Employment

Montana State Government – Organizational Charts (2 folders)

Montana State Highway Commission - S.A. Montana Department of Highways

Montana State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)

Montana State Hospital Warm Springs, MT

Montana State Industrial School Miles City, MT

Montana State Information Technology Services (ITSD)

Montana State Insect – Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Montana State Insurance

Montana State Lands and Land Board

Montana State Legislative Auditor

Montana State Library - Helena, MT

Montana State Library Extension Commission

Montana State Lottery

Montana State Lullaby

Montana State Monuments

Montana State Nicknames

Montana State Orphan’s Home, Twin Bridges, MT (2 folders)

Montana State Parks

Montana State Parole Board

Montana State Pharmaceutical Association

Montana State Planning Board

Montana State Press Association

Montana State Prison, Billings, MT - Women's Prison

Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, MT (3 folders):

  • Burials
  • Parole 
  • Prison Wardens 
  • Riots 

Montana State Reform School, Miles City, MT

Montana State Rural Areas Development Committee

Montana State Seal

Montana State Song

Montana State Sunday School Association

Montana State Symbols

Montana State Tax Appeal Board

Montana “The Treasure State” a Centennial Pageant-1964

Montana State Tree

Montana State University, Billings, MT

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT -

  • Arts
  • Buildings 
  • Cooperative Extension Service
  • Diamond Anniversary
  • Electronics Research Laboratory - Physics, Space Research
  • Engineering-Biochemistry
  • Faculty & Staff including President
  • Film & Television Department
  • Football
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • History (2 folders)
  • Indian Students
  • Library
  • Programs (3 folders)
  • Research 
  • Scholarships
  • School of Business
  • School of Commerce
  • School of Nursing
  • Sports
  • Student Activities
  • Summer School
  • Women’s Resource Center

Montana - Statehood (2 folders)

Montana Statistics

Montana Stock Growers Association

Montana Stockman & Farmer

Montana Storytelling Roundup

Montana Student Librarians Newsletter

The Montana Study

Montana Summer Symphony

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Montana Supreme Court (2 folders)

Montana Swine Growers Association

Montana Talking Book Library - a program of the Montana State Library

Montana Tavern Association

Montana Tax Commission

Montana Taxpayers Association

Montana Tea Party

Montana Teachers Association

Montana Tech - Butte, MT

Montana Territory 

Montana Territorial Centennial 

  • Commission
  • Fair 
  • Song
  • Train 1964 ( 2 folders)

Montana Territory Judicial System

Montana Territory - 150th Anniversary

Montana Trout Unlimited

Montana Tuberculosis Association

Montana Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Galen, MT

Montana Tunnels - Corbin & Wickes

Montana Unemployment Compensation Commission

Montana Unified School Trust (MUST)

Montana Uniform Law Commission

Montana Union Railroad

Montana United Indian Association

Montana U.S. Representatives

Montana University, Missoula, MT (2 folders)

  • Academic Freedom
  • Archives - Special Collections
  • Associated Students
  • Biological Station
  • Budget 
  • Buildings
  • Bureau of Business & Economic Research
  • Creative Writing Program
  • Crime 
  • Drama Department
  • Drama Original Programs
  • Education School
  • Enrollment 
  • Environmental Studies Program
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Football 
  • Foundation
  • Gallery of Visual Arts
  • Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research
  • Law School
  • Library 
  • Museum
  • Native American Studies Dept. 
  • Paxson Gallery
  • President
  • Program Council
  • Research
  • ROTC Program
  • School of Fine Arts
  • School of Forestry
  • School of Journalism & Montana Kaimin
  • Science 
  • Sexual Assaults 
  • Songs
  • Sororities
  • Sports
  • Summer School
  • Theater 
  • Women’s Resource Center

Montana University System

Montana Veterans Home, Columbia Falls, MT

Montana Volunteers, 1867

Montana Water Development Association

Montana Water Pollution Council

Montana Water Quality Bureau

Montana Water Resource Board

Montana Watercolor Society

Montana Wesleyan University, Helena, MT

  • SEE ALSO: Intermountain Union College

Montana Wildlands Coalition

Montana Wilderness Association (2 folders)

Montana Wildlife Federation

Montana Wildlife Rehab Center, Helena, MT

Montana Women's Chorus

Montana Women's Lobby

Montana Woolgrowers Association

Montana Workers' Compensation

Montana World Affairs Council

Montana Writers Association

  • AKA: Montana Writers

Montana Writers Conference

Montana Young Dancers & Artists Folk Festival, Helena, MT

Montana Youth Conference

Montana Youth Homes, Inc.

"The Montanan" (Moving Picture) 1965

Montanans In Action for People (MAP)

Montanans, Inc.

Montanans Opposing Discrimination

Montana’s Conference on Race

“Montanian” / “Montanan”

Montano (Postmark)


Monture Creek - Helena National Forest

Moon-Randolph Ranch-Missoula, MT

Moore, MT

Moorhead Reclamation Project


Moose Creek, MT

Moreland, MT


Mormon Church/Mormons - SEE Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

Morrisites in Montana

Morrison Flying Service, Helena, MT

Morrison-Maierle Inc., Helena, MT

Mortgage Loans - Montana

Mosby, MT


Moss Agates

Moss Mansion, Billings, MT

  • SEE ALSO: Preston B. Moss


Mother Goose Land, Lolo, MT

Mothers - includes American War Mothers Magazine


Mount Haggin

Mount Johns, Flathead County, MT

Mountain Biking - Montana

Mountain Climbing - Montana

Mountain Lion

Mountain Passes - the West

Mountain Peaks - Montana

Mountain-Plains Education and Economic Development Program, Inc.

Mountain–Plains Museums Association

Mountain States Regional Medical Program

Mountain View School, Helena, MT


Mullan Road (2 folders)

Mullan Tunnel

Mural Painting—Post Offices—WPA

  • SEE ALSO: U.S. Works Progress Administration

Murray, Montana (Idaho)

Museum of Mountain Flying, Missoula, MT

Museum of the Plains Indians, Browning, MT

Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT

Museum of Women's History - Billings, MT


Museums Association of Montana


Music - Montana

Musical Instruments

Musikanten - Early Music Performers

Muskies (fish)

Mussels - Montana

Musselshell, MT - Includes info on Skull set, 1869 

Musselshell City, MT

Musselshell County, MT - History 

Musselshell River - Montana

Musselshell Valley Historical Museum, Roundup, MT

Musselshell Valley, MT


Mustard Seed

Myhre Advertising Company

Myrna Loy Center (2 folders)

Mystic Lake, Stillwater County, MT

Myths and Legends - Montana


N - North Central

N-Bar-N Ranch

N-Bar Ranch (Flatwillow Creek)

N-Bar Ranch, Grass Range, MT

N-N Ranch

Names, Geographical

  • Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railroad
  • Chouteau County, MT
  • French
  • Great Northern Railroad
  • Lewis & Clark County, MT
  • Phillips County, MT
  • Spanish

Names - Middle

Names - Personal, changes


National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History

National Association of Govt. Archives & Records Administers (NAGARA)

National Audubon Society

National Bison Range, Moise, MT

National Center for Appropriate Technology, Butte, MT (NCAT)

National Children’s Theatre

National Committee for the Support of Public Schools

National Congress of American Indians

National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OK

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering - Elko, NV

National Cowgirl Hall of Fame

National Digital Newspaper Program

National Endowment for the Arts

National Farmer’s Organization

National Forests in Montana

National Governor’s Conference, 1960

National Institute on Money in State Politics - Helena, MT

National Library Week in Montana, 1950, 1960

National Museum of Forest Service, Missoula, MT

National Organization for Women - Montana

National Park Service

National Parks Airway

National Party - 1918

National Register of Historic Places

National Summit of Mining Communities

National Trout Derby, Livingston, MT

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Western Mining Association

National Wildlife Refuges


Nature Conservancy of Montana (3 folders)

Navy, Montana - Beaverhead County, MT

Neighborhood Youth Corps

Neihart, MT

Nelson Gulch, (near Helena)

Nevada City, Montana

  • SEE ALSO: “Old Town”; “Old Town, Great Falls, MT”

Nevada Consolidated Copper Company

New Chicago, MT

New Deal in Montana

New Democratic Coalition

New London, MT

New Orleans, World’s Industrial & Cotton Exposition, 1884-1885

New Party - Missoula

New West Health Services

New Year’s Day

New York Life Insurance Co. - Montana

New York World’s Fair, 1964-65

News Inserts - Montana 

Newspaper—Anaconda Company “Captive Press”

Newspapers (2)

Newspapers - Bibliography

Nez Perce Indians - Ethnography

  • History (2 folders)
  • National Historic Trail & Park, Foundation
  • War (5 folders) 
  • War Centennial 1877-1977
  • War 1877-Maps 

Niarada, MT

Nihill, MT

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Bozeman, MT

Nine Mile Ranger Station

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge

Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society

Nobel Prizes

Non-Partisan League

Noranda - New World Mine

Norden Bombsight (WWII)

Norovirus - Montana

Norris, MT

North American Free Trade Agreement

North American Indian Days, Browning, MT

North Central Montana Stockgrowers



North Coast - Nye City

North Coast Hiawatha (Train)

North Dakota

North Helena, MT

North Pass

North West (Fur) Company

Northeast Montana Fair & Rodeo, Glasgow, MT

Northeast Montana Threshers & Antique Association, Culbertson, MT

Northern Canada Mining Corp.

Northern Cheyenne Historical Society, Lame Deer, MT

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

Northern Lights Project – 2006-present

Northern Lights Research & Education Institute

Northern Montana College, Havre, MT

Northern Montana Experiment Station, Havre, MT

Northern Overland Mail – 1867-68

Northern Pacific & Manitoba Railway

Northern Pacific – Depots

Northern Pacific Hotel, Bozeman, MT

Northern Pacific Railroad – Articles (4 folders) 

  • Branch Lines
  • Consolidation
  • Construction
  • Gardiner Branch
  • History 
  • Insignia
  • Land Grant 
  • Last Spike Ceremony (2 folders)
  • Livingston, MT Facility
  • Maps
  • Operation - includes info on color changes, plans/sketches of livestock car, & drovers' cars 
  • Promotional Literature (2 folders)
  • Robberies
  • Timetables (2 folders)

Northern Pacific Railway Co. 

  • Uniform Livestock Contract

Northern Pacific Railway Co. Historical Association

Northern Pacific Transport Co.

Northern Plains Indian Crafts Association, Billings, MT

Northern Plains Institute - Cut Bank, MT

Northern Plains Resource Council

Northern Rockies Action Group (NRAG)

Northern Rockies Blacksmith Association

Northern Rockies Foundation

Northern Rockies Heritage Center - Missoula, MT

Northern Rocky Mountain Roundup of Regional Arts

Northern Tier Pipeline

Northwest Area Foundation

Northwest Conservation League

Northwest Gun

Northwest History Conference, Helena, MT 1954

Northwest Montana Historical Village and Museum

Northwest Orient Airlines

  • Timetables

Northwest Power Planning Council

Northwest Public Power Association

Northwest Rendezvous of Art

  • AKA: Western Rendezvous of Art
  • Rendezvous of Western Art
  • SEE ALSO: Montana Historical Society - Western Rendezvous of Art

Northwest Treaty Commission, 1866

Northwestern Company (formerly MPC) (3 Folders) 2002-2004, 2005-2007, 2008-present

Northwestern Metals Company, near Helena, MT

Norwegians in Montana

  • SEE ALSO: Crosby, Herman & Elsie

Notaries Public (Laws)

Noxon, MT

Nuclear Energy


Nuns in Montana, 1864


Nursing Homes

  • Blaine County, MT
  • Cascade County, MT
  • Gallatin County, MT
  • Jefferson County, MT
  • Lincoln County, MT
  • Madison County, MT
  • Musselshell County, MT
  • Rosebud-Treasure County, MT
  • Sanders County, MT 
  • Sheridan County, MT
  • Stillwater County, MT
  • Valley County, MT
  • Wibaux County, MT
  • Yellowstone County, MT


Nye City, MT



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