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Indexes: Vertical Files: Biographical Q-R

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Biographical Q-R



Quam, Anton

Quammen, David

Quaw, Gene

Quaw, Mignon

Quesnelle Family

Quick, Orville M.



Quigg, Lemuel Eli

Quigley, Ed

Quigley, John

Quinn, Bernard

Quinnell, Fred

Quivey, A M.



Rachac, Max

Racicot, Marc

Racicot, Theresa

Racine, Albert

Racine, Delores Marie

Rader, Guy H. “1st Montana Movie”

Radakovich, Daniel (Bunny)

Radintz, Carl

Rae, William C.

Raetzman, Warner

Raff, Louise

Raffaell, Frank C. “Dogy Bill”

Ragen, Edward J.

Ragen, Mary Ellen

Ragon, Patrick J.

Rainbolt, Jo


Rains, Diehlia

Raleigh, A. C.

Ralstin, Clyde

Ralston, Alice Hough

Ralston, J. K. (Ken); d. 11/26/1987 in Billings

Ralston, W. R.

Ralston, William Alexander

Ralston, Willo Dietta

Ramey, Kathleen

Ramirez, Jack

Ramon, Helen Huck

Ramsey, John

Ramsey, Ward

  • AKA: John D. Sutphen

Ramuta, Kim

Rance, William H.

Rand, John T.

Randall, Dick

  • SEE ALSO: Belgrade Bucking Bull

Randall, Mrs. James

Randall, L. W. (Gay)

Randall, William

Randolph, Charles D.

Rankin, Jeannette Family, Suffrage (8)

  • Family, early life, women’s suffrage
  • Clippings-First Congressional Term 1917-1918
  • Clippings-2nd Term in Congress 1941-42
  • Late life & death
  • Accomplishments
  • Clippings-Statues: U.S. Capitol, Montana State Capitol
  • Articles in M: MWH & Montana Magazine
  • Bibliography

Rankin, John

Rankin, Olive Pickering

Rankin, Wellington D.; d. 6/4/1966

Ranney, William Tylee

Rapelje, John M.

Rash, Harry

Rasch, Carl L.

Rasmussen, Robert

Rasmussen, Wayne

Rassmussen, Flint

Raths, James “Tex”

Ratner, Robert J.

Rattey, Harvey

Rauch, Margaret Fergus

Ravalli, Anthony

Raye, Martha

Ravella, Joe

Ray, Frederich H.

Ray, Gertrude Peele

Ray, Shann

Raymer, Robert George

Raymond, Mary Hannah Terry

Raymond, Mary Olive 

Raymond, W. Joseph & W. E. (Helena, MT)

Raymond, William Hillhouse

Raynolds, William F.

Rea, George W.

Rea, William

Reagan, Ronald

Real Bird, Henry

Ream, Bob

Reamer, Robert C.

Real Bird, Lucy Wallace; d. 11/19/1998

  • Crow

Reber, Joseph B. Sr.

Reber, Joseph E. Jr.

Rector, Lewis & Mavel

Rector, William G.

Red Cloud

Red Dog

Red Star, Kevin

Red Whip

  • Gros Ventre Tribe

Red Wolf, Josiah

Redding, Wilson (Will)

Redfield, Mabel - USPS Postal Worker

Redhair, George I

Redington, Adeline E.

Redington, J. W.

Redle, Richard

Reece, Edward D.

Reece, Parks

  • Livingston Artist

Reed, Alice McCleary

Reed, Bess Rocek

Reed, Dallas

Reed, Frank S.

Reed, George W.

  • Helena
  • Geo. M. Taylor

Reed, John

Reed, Kim - film maker

Reed, Mike

Reed, Roland W.

Reed, William H. (Bill)

Reed, William R.

  • Prop.-Grand Central Hotel, Helena

Reeder, Edgar H.

Reese, John J.

Reese, Rick

Reeves, A. I. “Daddy”

Reeves, Steve

Regan, Pat

  • Billings legislator

Regnier, Jim

Rehan, Ada (Statue)

  • SEE ALSO: Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition

Rehberg, Albert J. and Hattie (Brooks)

Rehberg, Dennis

Rehberg, Edwards

Rehmann, Wilbur

Rehn, Ed (Mr. & Mrs.)

Reiche / Richie, G. R.

Reichert, Arlyne, E.

Reid, Henry Lewis

Reid, Margaret G. (Mrs. Frank)

Reid, Jo

Reinemer, Henry (Mr. & Mrs.)

Reinemer, Vic

Reinhart, Margaret

Reinig, Edward

Reinig, Michael

Reinig, William W.

Reiplinger, John

Reiss, Winold

Relander, Click

Remey, Camille Frederick

Remington, Frederic

Remington, George

Remington, R. Roger

Renders, Joe

Renne, Roland

  • MSU economist

Renner, Frederic G.

Reno, Marcus A.

Renouard, Edward J.

Renz, Robert Louis

Replogle, Albert B. (Bert)

Resnick, Milton

Resurrection Sam

Reukauf, Arthur Earl (1888-1972)

Reuterdahl, Edmund A.

Reynolds, Albert “Death On The Trail”

Reynolds, Benny

Reynolds, Charlie

Reynolds, H. Creech

Reynolds, James

Reynolds, James M.

Reynolds, John

Reynolds, Richard A. 1842-18—

Reynolds, Dr. Winifred B.

Rheams, Henry

Rheem, William C.

Rheim, Claire

Rhinehart, Blanche Burt

Rhinehart, Naseby

Rhodes, Mrs. L. E. (Jean Maris)

Rhone, John

Rhubottom, W. C.

Rice, Henry G.

Rice, Jim

Rice, John

Rice, Lyman

Rich, Frank & Elizabeth

Rich, Josephus

Richards, Paul

  • Former legislator—Boulder

Richardson, A. J. (Jack)

Richardson, E. M. “Col. Carrington & Fetterman”

Richardson, Jessie E.

Richardson, Michael (Sugar) Ray

Richardson, Robert B.

Richardson, Tom

Richmond Family

Richmond, Robert W. “Geo. Chrisman Letters”

Richards, John E.

Ricketts, Howard T.

Rickman, Clayton

Rickman, Ron

Riddell, William C.

Riddick, Merrill K.

Riddle, Dick

Rides At The Door, Frank

Ridgeway, Fritzi

Ridgley, William T.

Riedel, J. A.

Riedell, Clifford H.

Riehm, May

Rieke, Rennan

Rieke, Rex

Riel, Louis (2)

Riesenberg, Sidney H.

Riggin, F. A.

Rigney, John

Riker, Janette

Riley, Emmet J.

Rimel, Linda

Rinda, Venzle Charles

Rinehart, F. A.

Rinehart, Mary Roberts (On World War I)

Ringling, Richard T. & Family

  • Obit: 9/1/1931 Gt. Falls Trib.

Ringo, Charles - Buffalo Soldier

Ringo, John

Ringo Family

Ringold, Millie

Risho, Ray

Ritch, John B.

Rittel Family (Tag & Gus)

Rittenour, C. H.

Ritter, Jr. E. T. “Reign of the Vigilance Committee” “Calif.”

Ritter, Russ

Ritter, Thomas E.

Rivenes, David

Rivet, Louis

Rivet, Louis (Revy)


Roach, Amy

Roach, Mary Fitzpatrick

  • Porter Roach (Husband)

Roahen, Kenneth Frances

Robbin, R. C. “Chuck”

Robbins, Bonnie Jo

  • “Miss Montana Centennial” 1964
  • Mrs. Larry Hunt

Robbins, Floyd

Robbins, Hershel M.

Robbins, Jim

Robbins, Vesta

Robert, Henry

Roberts, Ben

Roberts, Ben R. & Lela

Roberts, Bill

Roberts, Harry

Roberts, Hermine

Roberts, Gary L. “Cowboy Band—Rowdy Joe”

Roberts, Julia Culbertson

Roberts, Lela Vivian

Roberts, Mary Agnes

Roberts, Pam

Roberts, Robert Morgan

Roberts, Sam A.

Roberts, Sim

Roberts, Sim B.

Roberts, William J.

Roberts, William Kemp

  • Wife: Mary Jane
  • (tie to Ben Roberts & CMR)

Robertson, A. S.

Robertson, Fred O. (Freddie)

Robertson, G. K.

Robertson, O. A.

Robertson, Oscar D.

Robertson, Guy

Robertson, David

Robideau, Frank

Robbins, Rayford Lee

Robinson, Anna

Robinson, Cornelia

Robinson, Don

Robinson, Fred L.

Robinson, Jerry

Robinson, John Clark

Robinson, Percy

Robinson, Thomas Miller

Robison, Ken

Robson, Rosalie A.

Rock, George

Rock, Roger C.

Rockman, Ray

Rockwell, Bob

Rocky Boy (Stone Child)

Rodenbaugh, Harold

Rodgers, Hiram Woods

Roe, Cloud

Roe, Lillian

  • m. Whitfield Savage
  • Billings, 1910’s

Roe, William

Roeder, Richard B.; 8/23/1930-12/23/1995

Rogers, John H.

Rogers, Leslie Morse; 1890-1971

Rogers, Mondel

Rogers, Neal & Linda

Rogers, Will

Roletto, Ric

Rolling Stones, Montana

Rollins, Warren

Rolph, Herbert D.

Romain, James

Roman Nose (Cheyenne)

Rombo, Jack

Romey, Lucien

Romey, Adelle Gross

Romney, Miles Sr.; 1872-1943

Romsey, Mrs. C. M.

Ronan, Margaret

Ronan, Mary C.

Ronan, Peter

Ronda, James P.

Ronne, Thorwald Engstad

Roorbach, Bill

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Roosevelt, Theodore

  • SEE ALSO: Hoaxes (the Gathering photo)

Roote, Jesse B.

Roper, William “The Bogus Baron”

Roscow, Jessie

Rose, Charles

Rose, Edward

Rose, Hugh A,

Roseberry, Myrtle Norris

Rosell, Antoinette Fraser

Rosenbaum, Herman

Rosendale, Matt

Rosholt, T. L.

Ross, Dan

  • Helena Sign Painter

Ross, Harriet

Ross, Jake

  • SEE ALSO: Belgrade Bucking Bull

Ross, Jim

Ross, Kenneth F.

Ross, Luana K.

Ross, Mary Lou Skinner

Ross, Thom

  • Artist

Ross, Wilhelmina Peck

  • (Minnie)

Rosser, Thomas L.

Rossi, Paul A.

Rossiter, William A.

Rostad, Lee

Roth, William. V. Jr.

  • U.S. Senator, Delaware

Rotter Family

Rott, Jack B.

Rowe, Bob

  • PSC

Rowe, Charles

Rowe, (Dr.) J. P.

Rowe, Rob

Rowland, Carl “Skinny”

Rowland, Chris

  • N. Cheyenne Artist

Rowland, Will

Roy, Philip E.

  • Blackfeet Leader

Ruben, Richards

Rubottom, C. V.

Rucker, Thomas F. (Tom); 1880-1931

Ruder, Mel

Ruetten, Richards “Senator Burton K. Wheeler”

Ruegamer, Henry S.

Ruger, Thomas H.

Ruhl, Donald J. - Medal of Honor Recipient

Ruhle, George

Rumley, Charles

Rumsey Family (William A. &  Lottie)

Rumsfeld, Donald

Rundle, Ella

Rungius, Carl

Running, Blake

Running, Steve

  • UM Nobel Laureate

Running Wolf

  • Blackfeet
  • Cheyenne

Rusk Family

Russell, Bob

Russell, Charles M. (38 files); b. 3/19/1864-d. 10/24/1926

  • ANEC Dates
  • Auctions 
  • Biography
  • Author / Books / Letters
  • Bibliography
  • Canadian Interlude—1888-1889
  • Commemorative Events
  • Commemorative Plates
  • Family History / Genealogy
  • Individual Works—Bronc to Breakfast
  • MacKay Collection
  • Motion Pictures / Plays
  • Museums, Galleries, Exhibits
    • SEE ALSO: Amon Carter Museum
    • Charles M. Russell Museum (Great Falls, MT)
    • Thomas Gilcrease Institute
  • Native Americans
  • Postage Stamps—Collections of the actual stamps and first day covers in the archives
  • Publications about CMR
  • Quick File
  • Quotes
  • Signatures
  • Weaver Statue
  • Williams S. Hart Park Collection 
  • Works (multiple topics) 

Russell, Nancy C.

Russell, Ekalaka

Russell, Jack Cooper

Russell, Kathleen Mary

Russell, Margaret

  • Helmville
  • Also: Mrs. Fowler
  • Mrs. Elsworth (Phillip)
  • Mrs. Russell (William)
  • Maiden Name: O’Gara

Russell, Nina - Pianist, Singer

Russell, Osborne

Russell, Wilson Adams

Rustad, Bernard

Ruth, George Herman “Babe”

Rutherford, James C.

Rutledge, William & Joseph

Rutter, J. H. (Harry)

Rutter, Thomas H.

Ruvolo, Felix

Ruxton, George F.

Ryan, Edward

Ryan, Ellen Lacy

Ryan, Jack Jr.

Ryan, James R.

Ryan, John D.

Ryan, John James

Ryan, Marah Ellis

Ryan, Noel

Ryan, Paddy

Ryan, Patrick

Ryan, Tom

Ryan, William A. C. (Whack)

Rye, Dave

Rye Family

Ryniker, Walker E.



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