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Indexes: Vertical Files: Biographical M-N

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Biographical M-N


M -McGa

MacDonald, Alexander D.

MacDonald, Betty

MacDonald, Duncan & Family

MacDonald, Flora Mary

MacDonald, Geraldine O’Hara

MacDonald, Marie Peterson

MacDonald, Patrick L.

MacDonald, Andie

MacGilvra, E. E. (Boo)

MacGinnis, John

MacGregor, William B.

MacHaffie, Edmund D.

Mack, Caroline "Callie" Tulloss

Mack, Dr. Charles H.

Mackay, Helen

Mackay, James

Mackay, Joyce Childs

Mackay, Malcolm S., Jr.—“Bud”; (1908-1991)

Mackay, Malcolm S., Sr. ; 1882-1932

  • Father of “Bud” and Bill

Mackay, William Raynor

Mackay, Elkanah D.

MacLane, Mary

Maclay, David J.; d. 1997 

Maclay, Edgar G.

Maclay, Tom

Maclean, Norman & Family

Maclean, Paul

Maclean, Priscilla

Macleod, Norman (Wicklund) 1906

MacMillan, Don; d. 11/18/1996

Macomber, Archie

Mad Wolf

Madden, Thomas J.

Madeen, Emma

Madsen, E. F.

Magee, George W.

Magee, Thomas B.

Magill, William S.

Maginnis, Martin (1)

Maginnis, Martin (2)

Magner, W.

Magner, Wallace (Walt)

Magruder, Lloyd

Maguire, Horatio N.

Maguire, John

Mahan, Charles Cline

Mahan, John W. (Sr. & Jr.)

Mahan, Thomas H.

Mahoney, Gene

Mahoney, Katherine

Maier, Bill

Maierle, Joseph. A.

  • SEE ALSO: Morrison-Maierle

Mailey, John

Maillet, Louis R.

Main, Robert W.

Makela, Robert “Bob”

Makin, Ida

Malben, George H.

Malina, Arnie

Mallory Bros.—Amasa & Josiah (James)

Malmstrom, (Colonel) Einar Axel

Malone, Michael

Malouf, Carling “Expulsion of Flatheads”

Maly, Stephen

Manger, Betty

Manger, Walt

Manicke, Frederick & Family

Manix, Phil A.

  • SEE ALSO: Mannix

Manker, Don

Manley, Fred

Manley, John

Manlove, Almira

Manlove, Johan

  • Manlove Homestead, East Helena

Mann, Cloycie

Mann, Lucy

Mann, Walter (Horse Wrangler) & Family

Mann, William M.

Manner, Marion M.

  • SEE ALSO: Buchanan, John

Manning, Dave

Manning, Dick

Mannix, Ted J.

  • SEE ALSO: Manix

Mannix, Nettie

  • SEE ALSO: Manix

Mansfield, Mike

  • State Capitol

Mansfield, Maureen Hayes

Mansfield, Michael J. (Mike) (3 folders)

  • Ephemera
  • Clippings removed from the Metcalf Papers

Mansfield, Rachell K.

Mantle, Lee

Manuel, Moses

Many Horses

Marble, Charley

Marble, Ray E.

Marbut, Gary

Marcel, Jesse Dr.

Mardis, Harriet Moe

Marengo Family

Mares Family

Mariani, Marc

Marie, Queen of Rumania

Marion, Joseph E. Family (Louis J. Marion)

Markham John “Jackson Lake Dam Recollections”

Markham, Joseph L.

Markle, Robert F.

Markle, T. H. (Tom)

Marko, John

Marks, Bob & Steve (Clancy, MT) 

Marks, J. R. and Mary Maples Frost

Markus, Kurt

Marlenee, Ron

Marlow, Thomas A.

Marnell, Leo

Maroney, Terah T.

Marquis, Thomas B.

Marrou, Andre

Marsh, Benjamin F.

Marsh, Grant P.

Marsh, Hadleigh

Marsh, Jessie B.

Marsh, John K.

Marsh, Lavina “Mercer Incident, West Coast”

Marsh, Mrs. Milton F.

Marshall, Doris Marsolais

Marshall, Dwight A.

Marshall, Juliet K.

Marshall, Robert “Bob”

Marshall, Rodney Albert

Marshall, Walter

Marston Family

Martello, Kenneth

Martello, Louis

Martien, Charles H.

Martin, Clara E.

Martin, Honera

Martin, Horace T. “History of The Canadian Beaver”

Martin, James

Martin, James E. (1840-1920)

Martin, John Albert

Martin, John F.

Martin, Leo

Martin, Lloyd N.

Martin, Lorraine

Martin, Peter

  • AKA: Martinez

Martin, Robert J.

Martinez, Yvonne "Bonnie"

Martino, Edmund

Martz, Judy (2 folders)

  • Lt. Gov. 1992-2000
  • Gov. 2001-2005

Marvine, Dee

Mason, James

Mason, John B.

  • SEE ALSO: “Montana Historical Society-Library-Jack Mason Band Music Collection”

Mason, Marie Louise (Slade) - Suffragist

Mass, Fred

Massie, William R.

Masterson, James (John)

Masterson, Tom

Mather, Thomas C.; d. 3/7/1999 

Mathers, William “Bill”

Matheson, J. R. D. (Roy)

Matheson, Johnny

Matheson, McFarland

Mathews, Alan (Missoula Preservation Officer)

Mathieson, Pat

Matlow, Elaine Jetty

Matson, Enor K.

Matsuoka, Tom & family

  • WWII Japanese Interment
  • Japanese farmers 

Matt, Cyprian

Matthew, Gustave Benjamin

Matthews, Alfred E.

Matthews, John A.

Matthews, Vida

Mattill, Charles R.

Mattmueller, Rose “Story of Bessie Lee"

Matts, Elmer D.

Mauldin, James

Maurer, Cedric

Maury, H. L.

Maus, Marion Perry

Maxey, Daniel

Maximilian, Alexander P.

Maxwell, Fred

May, George

May, William

Maynard family (Helena, MT)

Maynard, Hank

Maynard, John W.

Mazurek, Joe

Mazzanovitch, Lawrence “Mazzy”

Mazzola, John

Mc Adam, Paul B.

Mc Adow, Clara Tomlinson

Mc Adow, Perry W.

McAlister, Glenn Charles

McAllister, Herb (& Froggy Do)

McAllister, James A.

Mc Auslan, Helen

Mc Ausland, Alexander D.

McBain, Robert Ventress; d. 1932

McBarron, Charles H.

McBride, Regina (Sister Clotilde Angela)

McBride, Tom

McCaffree Family

McCaig, Donald

McCaig, Robert

McCain, James A.

McCallen, John

McCallum, James F. "Spider"

McCann, Harry

McCarter, Dorothy

McCarthy, Charlie

McCarthy, Colleen

McCarthy, Frank

McCarthy, George D. ; d.  6/3/2003 

McCarthy, John J.

McCarthy, June

McCartney, Laton “Stuart Journal”

McCartney, Lee "Butch" Hollett

McCartney, Maida

McCartney, Margret Perry (Getts)

McCarty, Catharine

McCarty, Frank

McCarty, Lea

McCarvel, Judge John 

McChristian, Douglas C.

McClammy, John Todd

McClatchey, Mayme

McClatchey, William

McClellan, John L.

McClernan, Henry/John B.

McClernand, Brig. Gen. Edward J.

McClintock, Walter

McCloskey, James P.

McClure, Alexander K.

McCluskey, Murton

McCollough, Mac

McCollum, Morris (Mac)

McComsey, Smith (aka "Pony")

McCone, George

McConnell, Odell W.

McCorkle, Daniel Spencer

McCormack, Kate Higgins

McCormack, Sam

McCormick, Adoreen

McCormick Family

McCormick, Mrs. Jane Hickock

McCormick, John

McCormick, Lloyd J. 

McCormick, Maria McAndrews

McCormick, Paul

McCormick, Washington Jay (W. J.)

McCourt, Mike

McCoy, A. J.

McCoy, Arthur C.

McCoy, Charles M.

McCracken, Harold

McCracken, T. Lee

McCray, "Montana" Frank

McCulloch, Linda

McCulloch, Robert Lee

McCullough, Bob

McDermid, LaDonna

McDermott, J. P.

McDermott, William Patric

McDonald, Alexander A.

McDonald, Angus

  • Angus (1816-1889)
  • Angus A, (1844-1910)
  • Angus (1898-
  • Angus (1861-1924)

McDonald, Ann

McDonald, C. H.

McDonald, Charles

  • Great Northern Robbery at Rondo

McDonald, Dennis

McDonald, Duncan

McDonald, Edward

McDonald, Finan

McDonald, Frankie Dillon

McDonald, G. Corry 

McDonald, Henry (Harry)

McDonald, Joe

McDonald, J. J. (John)

McDonald, John K. (Jack)

McDonald, Neill

McDonald, Ranald

McDonald, T. H. “Alex Mackenzie”

McDonald, Tom

McDonnell, Anne Breen (Mrs.)

McDowell, Margaret Holmes

  • 1916-1997

McDowell, William W.

McElwain, Joseph A.

McEwen, Mary L.

McFadden, Paul J.

McFarland, Margaret

McFatridge, Arthur E.

McGahan, Harry

McGargee, Lon

McGarvey, Jim


McGe - Mon

McGee, Martha

McGee, Warren R.

McGee, Walt

McGill, Caroline

McGill, Sally

McGinness, John

McGinnis, David R.

McGirl, Thomas

McGivern, Ed

McGlothlin, William

McGlynn, Terrence

McGovern, George

McGovern, Phil

McGrath, Harold

McGrath, George

McGrath, Mike

McGregor, Archibald

McGregor, Eugenie

McGregor, Harry J.

McGregor, Dr. John F.

McGrew, Brownell

McGuane, Thomas

McGuire, Fred

McGurrin, Manis

McHatton, John J.

McHenry, Edwin Harrison

McHugh, Kate and James

McIntire, John

McIntosh, Joe (Billings-Baseball)

McIntyre, Edward

McIntyre, Henry Gordon

McKay, Dan  “County Buster”

McKay, Joe

McKay, Rollin H.

McKean, Hobart

McKellops, H. J.

McKelvey, Nora

McKenna, James E. 

McKenna, Kay

McKenna, Robert J.

McKennan, Edith Addison (Mrs. Samuel)

McKenzie, Alexander

McKenzie, Kenneth

McKeon, Willis M.

McKeown, Jack

McKerrow, Loren E.

McKinney, Aureus

McKinney, Larry

McKinney, Patricia Marie

McKinnon, Edna Rankin

McKinnon, Stevenson D.

McKinnon, Robert Scott

McKittrick, Judge Thomas

McKnight, Abel

McKnight, James W.

McKnight, Joseph Hempstead

McLaren, Peter

McLaughlin, D. D.

McLaughlin, Ernie K.

McLaughlin, J. L.

McLaughlin, John (1866)

McLaughlin, John J.

McLaughlin, Nancy

McLauren, Sandy

McLean, Angela

McLean, Samuel

McLeish, Dorothy

McLellan, Robert

McLemore, Clyde

McLeod, Charles H.

McLeod, Mary

McLeod, Mrs. Walter H. “Poems”

McLoughlin, John 1784-1857

McLure, Charles D.

McMahan, Pete (7 up Pete)

McMaster, R. E.

McMath, William L.

McMullins, Tommy

McMurtry, Larry

McNally, Dave

McNamer, Deirdre

McNamer, Elizabeth M.

McNamer, Megan

McNamer, Pat

McNamee, Thomas

McNay, John

McNeal, Eli W.

McNeil, George

McNeil, Roderick J.

McNelley, Annie A.

McNickle, D’Arcy

McNulty, Frances

McOmber, Gordon

McOmber, Jean

McPhail, Alice Butland

McPherson, Twylla

McPhillips, Ron

McQuigg, Mae

McRae Family

  • Finley
  • Duncan
  • Christopher

McRae, Wally

McRaith, Catherine - Carroll College Librarian

McReynolds, Jean

McWhirr Family

McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil

Meade, George G. (General)

Meade, Jim & Vi

Meagher, Elizabeth T. (Mrs. T. F. Meagher)

Meagher, Thomas Francis (3 folders)

Meany, John Joseph

Meany, Patrick

Mecklenburg, George

Mecure, L. V.

Medicine Crow, Joe

Medicine Horse, Magdalene A.

Medicine Tail, William B

Medin, Marco

Meeds, Lloyd

  • Dillon-U.S. Rep. Washington State

Meehan Brothers

Meek, J. S. (Curley)

Meek, Joseph L.

Meeks, Tyler Ross - farrier

Meglen, Joseph F.

Mehmke, Carl

Meigs, Montgomery

Meikle, Lyndel

Meine, Mary

Meinhart, Frank G.

Melby, Ernest O.

Melcher, John

Meldrum, Robert

Melhorn, Zebulon P.

Meline, Marion A.

Meloy, Colin

Meloy, Ellen

Meloy, Harriet; d. 4/29/2006

Meloy, Henry J.

Meloy, Maile

Meloy, Peter J. (also Peter G. Meloy)

Meloy, Peter M. (Mike)

Melton, Terry R.

Melton Virginia Montana (Mrs. S. Hurlburt)

  • Daughter of Amos Melton

Menahan, William "Red"

Mendenhall, Cyrus B.

  • SEE ALSO: Hunter’s Hot springs

Mendenhall, John S.

Menefee, Robert P.

Mengarim, Gregory

Mercer, Bill

Mercer, John

Mercer, Ron

Mercer, Wally

Mercer, William "Bill" - MHS Museum curator

Mercier, Charles (“Old Man Rondin”)

Mercier, Laurie

Mergenthaler, Kenneth

Merha, Lester Wayne

Merk, Frederick R.

Merley, Richards

Merrell, Josiah M.

Merriam, H. G.

Merrifield, Arthur William

Merritt, Ingeborg

Merritt, Wesley

Merva, Pat

Metcalf, Donna Hoover

Metcalf, Jerry

  • 3/98-includes announcement of Jerry Metcalf Foundation

Metcalf, Lee (4 folders)

  • campaign material
  • Memorabilia

Metcalf, Lee (Indian Affairs)

Metcalf, Lee--Memorial Services

Metesh, Mrs. Bill

Metlen, George R.

Metten, George R.

Mettler, Frank W.

Metzber, Herbert H.

Meyer, Stan

Meyers, Alfred (Pioneer Cattleman)


Mickelsen, Gunner

Middlemas, Dave

Middleton, Austin B. “Psychology 50 yrs. Ago”

Middleton, Lucille

Midnight (horse)

Mieyr, Clarence

Mikkelsen, Alan

Mikkelsen Family

Mikkelson, Asger

Milburn, Eugenie Bliss

Miles, Arthur W.

Miles, George M.

Miles, Michael

Miles, Nelson A.

Militaire, Charley & Louis

Millard, Joseph H.

Millegan Family

Millegan, Lloyd

Miller, Adam “Horn”

Miller, Alfred Jacob

Miller, Bertie

Miller, Bill

Miller, Daniel

Miller, Daniel Jackson

  • “One of the Four Georgians”

Miller, David Humphreys

Miller, Donald

Miller, Elliot

Miller, Fred E.

Miller, George

Miller, Harriet

Miller, Henry

Miller, “Horn”

  • SEE: Miller, Adam

Miller, Hugh J.

Miller, Jacob

Miller, James K. P.

Miller, Joaquin

Miller, Johnny

  • Thomas Falls

Miller, Joseph M.

Miller, L. H. (Lew)

Miller, Lillian G., MD

Miller, Lillian M.

Miller, Lincoln (Line)

Miller, Lindy 

Miller, Marilyn

Miller, Max

Miller, Minnie

Miller, Montana

Miller, Robert E.

Miller, Mrs. Rose Kellogg

Miller, Roy Family

Miller, "Shag" Richard

Miller, Sidney

Miller, Thomas B.

Miller, Todd

Miller, Wayne & Ann

Millhouse, Bob

Millian (Millien), Hance

Milliken, Elizabeth D. (Melton, Mrs. Nathan)

Millin, Laura J.

Mills, Enos A.

Mills, Henry

Mills, Jacob

Mills, James Hamilton (Captain)

Mills, Jennie Forrest

Mills, Robert Scowfield

Milner, Moses “California Joe” E.

  • Different from: Milton E. Milner cattleman in N. Montana ca. 1880-1900

Milot Family

Mimnaugh, Terry

Minckler, Thomas

Minesinger, James Madison & Nellie

  • Re: Emma Magee-daughter

Minette, C. H.

Ming, John H.

Minion, John A. “The Death of A Survivor” “regarding Custer Battlefield”

Mitchell, Alonzo

Mitchell, Armistead H.

Mitchell, Barbara Gerard (1952-

Mitchell, Blanche B. “Queen of The Sunset Slope”

Mitchell, Daniel

Mitchell, George

Mitchell, Harry B.

Mitchell, Hugh B.

Mitchell, James B.

Mitchell, Martin A.

  • SEE ALSO: Mitchell, Montana

Mitchell, Montana

  • SEE ALSO: Martin A. Mitchell

Mitchell, Samuel Winn

  • Mitchell Building

Mitchell, Spencer H.

Mitton, Harold

Mittower, Abram N.

Mockler, James D.

Moir, A. D.

Molen, Dayle H. “Boone Helm”

Molleur, Louis F.

Molloy, Donald 

Molt, Rudolph F. W.

Monaco, Paul

Monaghan, Joseph P.

Monahan, Thomas

Moncure, W.P.

  • SEE ALSO: Two Moon(s)

Monegan, Joseph

Mongar, Tom

Mongar, William Perry (Bill)

Moniger, Sam

Monroe, Angus

Monroe, Bessie Kerlee

Monroe, Francois

Monroe, Hugh (Rising Wolf)

Monroe, Jack Burton

"Montana Bill" (Albert Roberts)

Montana, Claude

“Montana Harry”

“Montana Joe”

Montana, Mary

Montana, Montie Jr.

Montana, Montie Sr.

Montana, Patsy

Montana, Pietro

Monte (Horse)

Montgomery, George

Montgomery, Joe

Montgomery, Wayne

Montgomery, William

Monture, George


Moo - My

Moog, Albert

Mooney, Thomas G.

Moore, Augustus “Gad”

Moore, Bud (William) 

Moore, Clinton H.

Moore Family from Belfry, MT

  • Miner Mathew Moore
  • Mina M. Moore
  • John D. Moore
  • Jackie Moore
  • Ida May Moore
  • Frank Marion Moore

Moore, Janet Lee Rep.

Moore, Jack

Moore, John C., James C. “Blackfoot City”

Moore, John L.

Moore, John M. (Tex)

Moore, John T.

Moore, Lydia Roberts

Moore, Martha Dunlap

Moore, Mary


Moore, Michael

Moore, Orah

Moore, Perry James I.

Moore, Rex

Moore, Tom

Moore, W. S.

Moore, William

Moran, A. P. (Niche)

Moran, Keith L.

Moran, Patrick

Moran, Thomas

Moreland, Marylee

Morgan, Darlene

Morgan, Jane “Crazy Woman”

Morgan, John

Morgan, Leo

Morgan, Lewis H.

Morgan, Robert (Bob)

Morgan, Tom

Morigeau, Sophia

Moris, Walter J.

Morlan, Richard E.

Morley, James Henry

Morning Gun, Otter Woman

Morning Star

  • SEE: Dull Knife; Northern Cheyenne; AKA: Morning Star

Morony, John G.

Morris, Andrew J.

Morris, Brian

Morris, Charles E.

Morris, Jack

Morris, Josie Luffcy

Morris, Mary K.

Morris, Robert O.

Morris, William Marion

Morris, Willie D.

Morrisites in Montana

Morrison, Donald “Dan” A.

  • SEE ALSO: Lewis & Clark State Park

Morrison, Frank

Morrison, Jennie

Morrison, Jessie

Morrison, John

  • For John Morrison Sr. SEE: Morrison-Maierle

Morrison, John (State Auditor)

Morrison, Ken

Morrison, R. E. “Red”

Morrison, Robert Cleland - Miles City photographer

Morrison, Robert Clifton - Billings artist

Morrison, William (Slippery Bill)

Morrow, Delores J.

Morrow Family, Malcolm

Morrow, Marion C.

Morrow, Stanley J.

Morse, Charles Wyman

Morstein, Judy

Mortensen, Dan

Mortenson, Greg

Mortier, Charles (Mercier)

Morton, Glenn

  • Lewistown

Mortson, Oswald C.

Mosby, Aline

Mose (Dog)

Moses, Tad “The Texas Cattle Business”

Moses, William

Mosier, Hugh D.

Moss, Lynda Bourque

Moss, Preston B.

Mother Mary Agatha

Moule, Phillip I.

Moulton, Gary

  • Lewis & Clark Scholar

Mountain Chief

  • 1848-1942
  • Piegan

Mountain Chief (s); (1842); (1848-1942)

Mountjoy, John W.

Mourning Dove

  • AKA: Christine Quintasket

Moyers, William

Mudd, Jack

Mueller, George D. “The Stagecoach Here in Central Montana”

Mueller, Oscar O.

Mues, Alfred H.

Muir, John

Mulcahy, James B.

Mulcahy, Sallyann

Mulhall, Charles/Lucille

  • Iva Park (Roundup, MT) -1915

Mullan, John

Muller, Dan

Mullins, Patrick

  • Butte Mayor-1903

Mulloy, Bill

Mulroney, Edward C.

Mulvany, John

Mulvaney, Tom - postcard collector

Mumbrue, Daniel P.

Mumma, John

Mundt, Beth D.

Munger, Mary & Chub

Munro, John (Jack) - Butte Prizefighter

Munroe, “Dad”

Munson, Lyman E.

Munzenrider, Robert

Murphy, Charles F.

  • Anaconda Politician

Murphy, Chuck

Murphy, Clyde F.

Murphy, Con

Murphy, Emma Croff

Murphy, James E.

Murphy, Jerre C.

Murphy, John T.

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Michael (Ayr)

Murphy, Owen

Murphy, Robert J.

Murray, Earl P.

Murray, Frank

Murray, James A. (Uncle of Sen. James E.)

Murray, James E.

Murray, S. G.

Murry, Jim - labor leader

Mushback, J. E.

Mussigbrod Family

Musso, Louis III “Steamboats In The Timber”

Mussulman, Joseph A.

Muth, William

Myaer, Gene

Myers, Alfred

Myers, Henry L.

Myers, Ira

Myers, Rex C.

Myers, James

Myles, David (d. 1930)

Myrah, Newman

  • Helena Arties

Mysee, Sivert O. Jr.; d. 8/2004

  • Ingomar, MT Legislator



Nagamitsu, Masao (Mike)

Nagel, Henry L. (1888-1986)

Nagele, Lambert

Nagle, Margaret Walsh

Nagle, R. T.

Nagues, George B.

Napton, John

Napton, Thomas Lanier

Nardinger, Susan

Nash, Alexander

Nash, Helen

  • Mother-Esther Hilger Nash

Nash, John E.

Nash, Wallace Gifford

Nash, William

Natelson, Robert

Nathe, Dennis

Nation, Carrie

Nave Family—Jacob & Mary, George & Cynthia

Nay, Billy

Neal, Bruce

Near, Susan R.

Neath, ”Ernie”

Natkin, Robert

Neel Family

Neely, James F.

Nees, Emma Ferguson

Nees, Kimberly - 1979 Poplar murder victim

  • SEE ALSO: Barry Beach

Nees, Stanley

Neff, Jacob Henry

Neihardt, John G.

Neihart, James L.

Neill, John

Neils, George

Nelson, H. H.

Nelson, Jay

Neilson, Keith P.

Neitzling Family

Nelson, Bruce

Nelson, Cyrus

Nelson, Dee Jay

Nelson, Edward W.

Nelson, Elmer G. (Dee)

Nelson, Esther

Nelson, Frank (Doc)

Nelson, James C.

Nelson, Jim

Nelson, Mickey

Nelson, Pete 'Telephone Pete', (1885-1896)

Nelson, Sarah Walker (Mrs. Monroe Nelson)

Nelson, Van Kirke

Nelson, Walter ("Blackie")

Nertney, Ann & R.J.

Nesbitt, Champion Mayfield

Ness, Julius O. & Josephine

Nev, Joseph Clyde

Neuberger, Richard L.

Neubert, John

Neuman, Ted

Nevin, O. B. & Family

Nevins, Tish

New, John J.

Newburn, H. K.

Newbury, Curtis D.

Newbury, Russell D.

Newby, Fletcher E.

Newby, Richard Fletcher

Newcomer, Isaac

Newell, Alma I.

Newell, Bruce

Newgard, Carole

Newkirk, George

  • Newkirk Family

Newman, Dava

Newman, James Barber

Newman, Lynn

Newman, O. N.

Newness, Sam

Nicholas, Daniel W.

Nichols, Dan

Nichols, Donald

Nichols, E. W. “Smokey”

Nichols, Edmund

Nichols, Norris

Nichols, William M.

Nicholson, Alan

Nicholson, Laura

Nickerson, Dan

Nicklaus, Jack

Nielsen, Harriett O'Day


Nilan, Margaret Owens

Niven, Francis

Nixon, Richard Milhouse

Nixon, Ronald V.

Noble, A. G,

Noble, Jerry Sen.

No Runner, John B.

Noemi, Sister

Noffsinger, W. N.

Nolan, Cornelius B.

Nolan, G. R. (Bill)

Nolan, Harriet "Hattie" B. Shobar

Nolan, Stella Hardgrove

Nolan, Vincent A.

Nolte, Mark

Noonan, Ed

Nord, Gennie

Noreen, Sue Helen (Suzy Hunt)

Norris, Alexander

Norris, Edwin L. (Edwin Lee) (1865-1924)

Norris, Elizabeth S. “Bessie”

Norris, Gilman R. “Bill”

Norris, James E.

Norris, L. Merlin

Norris, Mabel

North, Bellard/George

North, Frank

North, Luther H.

Norton, Gertrude

Notkin, Richard

Nottingham, Dennis 1937-

Nottingham, Oria Wesley

Nottingham, William D.

Nowee, Paul

Nowlan, William

  • SEE ALSO: Weary, Conrad

Noyes, Alva Josiah (Ajax) & Hattie

Noyes, Charles R.

Noyes, John & Elmira

Nunn, Lucien Lucius

Nurse, Edward Arthur; d. 3/3/2003 Helena

Nuttall, Tex

Nutter, Donald G.

Nutter, Mrs. Karl

Nutter, Maxine Trotter (Mrs. Don)

Nutterville, Catherine

Nutting, L. A.

Nutting, Richard A.

Nutting, Lilly

Nye, Fred J.

  • SEE ALSO: saddles

Nye, John A.

Nyquist, I. M.



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