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Indexes: Vertical Files: Biographical I-J

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Biographical I-J


I - Ire

Ibsen, Dr. Mark (Helena)

Ihmsen, Grant C.

Illingworth, William (b. 9/20/1842-1893)

Immell, Michael E. (b. 5/31/1823)

  • SEE ALSO: Immel’s Creek

Inabnit, Fred (1866-11/1928)

Ingalls, Emma A. (2/7/1860 - 5/3/1940)

Ingersoll, Wilmer “Herf”

Ingraham, Ester Price

Ingram, George Felix (4/17/1844 - 10/26/1920)

Ingram, Mary Margaret Curl (1898-1929)

Inman, Jerry

Innes, John C.

Ippisch, Albertine Hanneke

Ireland, Elizabeth (4/5/1881-7/1970)

Ireland, J. N. (Pioneer) (5/15/1839- 5/6,/1928)


Iro - Iv

Iron Horn - Blackfeet

Irvin, George W. (2/2/1844-3/18/1907)

Irvin, James G.

Irvin, Louis S. & Fannie Culbertson

  • Louis (1856- 6/13/1938)
  • Fannie (2/14/1858 -2/1939)

Irvine, Caleb E. (9/4/1825-1891)

Irvine, Nathan Smith "Tex" (7/12/1859-2/23/1948)

Irvine, Thomas H. (8/19/1845-1/11/1926)

Irvine, William "Billy" (b. 1856)

Irwin, J. O. “A Hot Time in The Old Town”

Isacc, Edna M. (2/12/1885-12/ 25/1964)

Israel, I. L. (Mrs.) nee Auerbach (1834-2/10/1911)

Itter, Edward

Ives, George (d. 12/21/1863)

J - Johnson, E.

Jackson, Donald (b. 1919)

Jackson Family

Jackson, Harry (b. 1924)

Jackson, Helena (b. 3/1850)

Jackson, John C. “Breaking Blackfeet Barrier” “Missouri River”

Jackson, Jon A. (b. 11/5/1938)

Jackson, Peter (5/18/1927-7/9/2002)

Jackson, Rick

Jackson, Steven B.

Jackson-Snyder, Julia (Lewistown)

Jackson, Teton

Jackson, W. Turrentine (1915-5/28/2000)

Jackson, Walter (d. 10/13/1903)

Jackson, William "Billie" (8/20/1856-1900)

Jackson, William Henry

Jacob, Henry (d. 8/9/1887)

Jacob, Ned

Jacobs, Alma Smith (11/21/1916-12/18/1997)

Jacobs, Henry (3/18/1832-8/9/1887)

  • Includes Henry Jacob

Jacobs, John

Jacobsen, Glenn E. (1/22/1928-6/19/1992)

Jacobsen, Paul E.

Jacobson, Judy

Jacobson, Marjorie

Jacobson, Martin A. (6/21/1872-2/9/1920)

Jacobson, Orlin Family

Jacoby, Charles & sons (11/12/1870-10/28/1952)

Jacoby Family

  • Catherine (5/24/1871-4/3/1940)
  • George (10/18/1895-1/23/1959)
  • Charles (11/12/1870-10/28,/1952)

Jacoby, Margery E. (b. 5/30/1871)

  • SEE ALSO: Cowan

Jacquette, Frank D.

Jaeger, Lowell

Jag (Gov. Schweitzer’s dog)

Jagger, Henry Manley (1868-1944)

Jahiel, Adam

Jakobson, Alma

James, David G. (b. 12/6/1905)

James, Isabel

James, Jeanie

James, Jesse W.

James, Ted (6/2/1918-5/14/1995)

James, Will; June 6 (1892-9/31942)

Jameson, William J. (d. 10/9/19900

Jamison, Cy (b. 1951)

Janeaux, Francis A. (d. 3/19/1888)

Janetski, Joel C.

Janicich, Costo (1889-1964)

Janssen, Margarethe E.

Jaqueth, Abraham L. (1856-2/151933)

Jardine, William M.

Jarvis, Clyde (d. 12/18/2002)

Jarvis, Leo

Jasmin, Paul

Jaycox, W. W.

Jeffers, Susan Switzer (b. 11/25/1860)

Jeffers, Myron D. (9/16/1833-5/27/1900)

Jeffers, Winifred

Jefferson, Thomas

Jelleff, Percy

Jellison, Gretchen Gayhart (Mrs. W. L. Jellison)

Jelsing, Terry L. F.

Jemne, Elsa L. (b. 1888)

Jenkins, Ron

Jenkinson, Clay S.

Jenko, Dr. Bill - Helena VA Surgeon

Jenni, John (1863-10/21/1939)

Jensen, Chris (b.1857)

Jensen, Gary

Jensen, Leland

Jergensen, Mary

Jerome, John V.

Jerome, Lovell H.; D. (1/16/1935)

Jesson, Mary Evans (b. 1884)

Jessrang, John A. (d. 1882)

Jewell, John Jacob (Samuel Douglas)

  • Son of Samuel Enoch

Johns, Sam (Samuel Enoch) (1866-1945)

  • Father of Samuel Douglas

Johnson, A. Lucia

Johnson, Al (b. 10/9/1923)

Johnson, Alexander Conrad (5/1859-11/8/1933)

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Ann M. (b. 11/3/1947)

Johnson, Birger L. (b. 8/14/1895)

Johnson, Brad

Johnson, Charles E. (10/30/1874-6/19/1950)

Johnson, Charles "Chuck" (6/14/1948-3/4/2023)

Johnson, Dale L. “Montana History Material”

Johnson, Dorothy M. (12/19/1905-11/11/1984)

Johnson, Duane; D. Mar. 27, 2005 

Johnson, E. B.

Johnson, E. T. - African-American Mayor of Helena (1873)

Johnson, Edgar

Johnson, Eugene H. (b. 1846)


Johnson, F. - Ju

Johnson, F. I. (b. 1878)

Johnson, Frank T.

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Gary (b. 8/31/1943)

Johnson, Harvey

Johnson, Helen

Johnson, Homer (b. 12/24/1925)

Johnson, Howard A.; Dec. 18, 1893-June 8, 1974

Johnson, Isabelle; April 1901-May 1992

Johnson, James A.; July 26, 1865-Nov. 23, 1938

Johnson, Jennie; B. 1879

Johnson, Jeremiah

Johnson, Jerry

Johnson, John

  • Medicine Lake robber

Johnson, John H.

Johnson, Joseph "Joe"

Johnson, Leon H.

Johnson, Mary Lorraine Haynes

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Johnson, Maxine C.

Johnson, Olga W.; Aug. 19, 1901-Nov. 28, 1988

Johnson, “Snowshoe” Olivere

Johnson, Philip C.

Johnson, Robert E.

Johnson, S. S.

Johnson, Terry

Johnson, Thomas; Jan. 24, 1858-May 20, 1940

Johnson, Victor Fabian; 1865-1948

Johnson, Virginia W. ; B. 1912

Johnson, Walter H.; Oct. 22, 1919-May 26, 2004

Johnston, Elsie; B. July 23, 1902

Johnston, Ely

Johnstone Family

Johnston J. A. ; July 3, 1825-July 12, 1901

Johnston, John (Liver Eating); 1823-Jan. 21,1900

Johnston, Kathryn L. ; B. Sept. 26, 1865

Johnston, Terry; Jan.1, 1947-Mar. 2001

Jolly, Jack

Jolson, Al

Jones, Arthur L. ; B. 1887

Jones, Bill (Hell-Roaring)

Jones, Charles J. "Buffalo Jones" 1844-Oct. 1919

Jones, Corrinne B.

Jones, Daphne Bugbee

Jones, Elsie; B. May 1, 1912

Jones, Evan H.; July 7, 1891-Sept. 29, 1976

Jones, F. B.

Jones, J.H. (Nez Perce); Jan. 31, 1844-April 5, 1926

Jones, Fred; D. Feb. 1904

Jones, James G. ; Jan. 9, 1846-Nov. 21, 1926

Jones, John C. (Fat Jack); 1848-Dec. 20, 1920

Jones, John S.; 1842-July 19, 1879

  • Prickly Pear Valley

Jones, Mrs. Lee

Jones, Marcus

  • Botanist

Jones, Maurice J.

Jones, Mother

Jones, O’Neil

Jones, Ott; B. 1959

  • Bozeman Sculptor

Jones, Rosalie M.

Jones, Walton; D. Mar. 1962

Jones, W.D.

Jones, William E.; D. Aug. 9, 1952

Jones, Mrs. W.G.

Jordan, Andrew A.

Jordan, Boyed “Buck”; D. June 11, 2002

  • Legislator

Jordan, Clare

Jordan, Teresa

Jordan, Walter

  • King, Bernard

Jorgensen, Henry W.

Jorgenson, Dale W.; B. 1932

Jorgenson, Fred

Jorud, Leslie H.; Sept. 19, 1899-Aug. 21, 1977

Joscelyn, Archie Lynn

Joseph, Chief (2 folders); 1840-Sept. 21, 1904

Joseph, Lillian

Josephy, Alvin M. Jr.; May 18, 1915-Oct. 2005

Joy, Allen R.; July 15, 1857-Mar. 1939

Joyes, Thomas; Feb. 14, 1858-June 4, 1893

Judd, Charley; Nov. 3, 1916-May 16, 1918

  • Butte—New Deal Bar

Judd, J.D.; D. Feb. 26, 1868

Judge, Blanche; 1909-Feb. 26, 2000

Judge, Carol Anderson

Judge, Thomas L.; Oct. 24, 1934-Sept. 8, 2006

Juedeman, R.F. “Rudy”; May 11, 1908-Jan. 20, 2004

  • Toole County Legislator

Jullien, Philip A.

Juneau, Antoine A.; B. 1833

Juneau, Carol; B. April 5, 1945

Juneau, Stan; May 12, 1944- Nov. 3, 2020

Juras, Kristen

Just, Fred M.

Juvonen, Helmi ; 1903-Oct. 1985



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