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Facts: Publications with MHS Photos

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Publications with MHS Photos


Browse through the Western Americana section of your local library and you will find a wide variety of publications containing photographs credited to the Montana Historical Society.  The following is a list of publications, organized by topic, that are illustrated with images from the Society’s Photograph Archives. 


To request a copy print or digital image of any of the photographs credited to the Montana Historical Society in any of these publications, please send us a citation or photocopy of the image to ensure that we know exactly which photograph you want.


Photograph Archives

Montana Historical Society Research Center

225 N Roberts St.

P.O. Box 20120

Helena, MT  59620




Montana History – General


Back issues of Montana the Magazine of Western History (1951-present, published quarterly) are a good source for informative articles on Montana history that include many of our images.  The index is available here.


Montana: A History of Two Centuries

By Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder

University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1976 (Rev. Ed., 1991).


Montana Almanac

By Andrea L. Merrill and Judy Jacobson

Falcon Publishing Inc., Helena, 1997.


Montana Century: 100 Years in Words and Photos

By Michael P. Malone (ed.)

Falcon Publishing Inc., Helena, 1999


The Montana Heritage: An Anthology of Historical Essays

By Robert R. Swartout and Harry W. Fritz

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1992.


Montana: Stories of the Land

By Krys Holmes

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 2008.


Speaking of Montana: A Guide to the Oral History Collection at the Montana Historical Society

By Patricia Borneman, Jodie Foley, and David Walter

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1997. 


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Other Montana Topics




Montana and the Sky: The Beginning of Aviation in the Land of the Shining Mountains

By Frank W. Wiley

Montana Aeronautics Commission, 1966.


Chapters are arranged by aviator and each includes a one or two page biography and associated photographs.  Photographs include views of planes on the ground and in flight and aviators (individual and group portraits) dating from the early days of Montana aviation (most 1910s – 1920s). 


Calamity Jane


Calamity Jane

By Roberta Beed Sollid

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1958, 1995.


Includes over twenty images from the Photograph Archives, most of which are portraits of Calamity Jane taken from the mid-1870s to 1903.


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Christmastime in Montana

By David Walter

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 2003.


This collection of memoirs, newspaper articles, poems, and other work is illustrated with photographs of snow scenes and winter activities, and Christmas celebrations and decorations.


Helena, Montana


Helena: An Illustrated History

By Vivian Paladin and Jean Baucus

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1996.


Photographs document Helena history from 1860s street scenes through Urban Renewal projects of the 1970s.  The chapters in the book are arranged by decade, and photographs include overviews and street scenes, and views of buildings, churches, homes, the railroad, the Capitol grounds, individual and group portraits, the Broadwater Hotel and Natatorium, aviation, Missouri River dams, and Urban Renewal work.


Lost Places, Hidden Treasures: Rare Photographs of Helena, Montana

By Ellen Baumler and Dave Shors

Farcountry Press, Helena, 2002.


Photographs are organized by chapter and visually document Helena (1870s – 1930s) through the following topics: transportation, shops and stores, organizations, public services, communities, schools and youth, disasters, recreation, celebrations, and buildings.




Montana’s Homestead Era

By Daniel N. Vichorek

American Geographic Publishing, Helena, 1987.


Chapters are arranged by county and include views of oat and barley fields, homestead shacks, a blacksmith shop, results of a drought, harvesting with machinery including a grain wagon, threshing machine and combine, and homesteaders mining coal.


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Indians of North America

*See also the sections on photographers Christian Barthelmess, F. Jay Haynes, L. A. Huffman, and Fred Miller.


Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana (Images of America)

By Kenneth Shields, Jr.

Arcadia Publishing, 1998.


Photographs credited to the Montana Historical Society include portraits, groups of Sioux Indians, reservation buildings (many in Poplar, Montana) including the post office, boarding schools, and the agency headquarters, and the Great Northern Railroad depot and trains (1900s - 1910s).


The History of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, 1800-2000

By David Miller, Dennis Smith, Joseph McGeshick, James Shanley, and Caleb Shields

Fort Peck Culture Committee and the Montana Historical Society Press, 2008.


About half of the photographs featured in this publication are credited to the Montana Historical Society (15 images).  They include views of school buildings, including the Poplar boarding school, and students, the Fort Peck Agency office and headquarters, Governors Row, Charles B. Lohmiller and his residence, and the Poplar post office.


Over a Century of Moving to the Drum: The Salish Powwow Tradition on the Flathead Indian Reservation

By Johnny Arlee

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tries Salish Culture Committee, St. Ignatius, Montana and Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, MT, 1998.


Features photographs taken by Rex Haight of a Fourth of July celebration in Arlee, Montana (ca. 1940). The photographs include views of stick games, a Snake Dance, tipi camps, and spectators of all ages.


Riding Buffaloes and Broncos: Rodeo and Native Traditions in the Northern Great Plains

By Allison Fuss Mellis

University of Oklahoma Press, 2003.


Contains views of Crow Indian parade and fair, Crow Creek rodeo clown, bronco and buffalo riding at rodeos, Indian police and cowboys.


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Little Bighorn Battlefield


Where Custer Fell: Photographs of the Little Bighorn Battlefield Then and Now

By James S. Brust, Brian C. Pohanka, and Sandy Barnard

University of Oklahoma Press, 2005.


Mines and Mining


Perilous Passage: A Narrative of the Montana Gold Rush, 1862-1863

By Edwin R. Purple and Kenneth N. Owens

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1995.


Contains primarily portraits of Montana miners and other notable individuals including Granville Stuart and Captain John Mullan, and early street scenes of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Bannack, Montana.


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Montana Photographers


J. P. Ball


J.P. Ball: Daguerrean and Studio Photographer

By Deborah Willis

Garland Publishing, Inc., New York & London, 1993.


J. P. Ball was an African American photographer who began operating a Helena, Montana studio in 1880.  This book features the photography of J. P Ball, organized by institutions owning his work.  The Montana Historical Society section spans 72 pages and includes portraits with subjects of diverse ethnicities, views of the laying of the Montana Capitol cornerstone, and hangings.


Christian Barthelmess


Photographer on an Army Mule

By Maurice Frink with Casey Barthelmess

University of Oklahoma Press, 1965, paperback in 1989.


Barthelmess’ photographs accompany chapters that follow his life from his childhood in Bavaria to his death at Fort Keogh in 1906.  Images include many views taken in and around Fort Keogh of both Northern Cheyenne Indians and Army personnel and their families.


Evelyn Cameron


The Camerons, Evelyn and Ewen: Birding in Central Montana, 1912-1913

By Henry L. Armstrong

Henry L. Armstrong, 2002.


Photographs illustrate diary entries by Cameron and are arranged chronologically (1912-1913).  Images include views of birds, groups, and scenic views in Central Montana.


Evelyn Cameron: Montana’s Frontier Photographer

By Kristi Hager

Farcountry Press, Helena, 2007.


This book has little biographical text, but features over 100 of Cameron’s photographs and their captions.  The images appear in no particular order.


“Evelyn Cameron: Pioneer Photographer and Diarist”

By Donna Lucey

Montana the Magazine of Western History 41 (Summer 1991): 42-55.


An article with biographical information followed by a representative sampling (18 images) of Cameron’s photography.


Photographing Montana 1894-1928: the Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron

By Donna Lucey

Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1990.


One hundred and seventy of Evelyn Cameron’s photographs accompany chapters grouped by topics including Cameron’s background, hunting, life on the Eve ranches, her photography, life in Montana, and her final years.  The chapters include biographical information and excerpts from Cameron’s diaries and letters.  The images show wildlife, vast landscapes, sheepherders, and cattle ranchers at work, and townspeople in Eastern Montana.


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W. T. Cheney


“W.T. Cheney: Photographs of Lima & the Oregon Short Line”

By Bonnie Cheney Merrell

Montana the Magazine of Western History 32 (Winter 1982).


A brief biography followed by 13 images taken by Cheney between 1900 and 1920, including views of Oregon Short Line trains, employees, and the clubhouse, coaches, groups on outings, and overviews including the lumber mill in Centennial Valley, and Lima, Montana.


Walter Dean


"Forsyth’s Booster, Walter Dean"

By Delores J.  Morrow  

Montana the Magazine of Western History 35 (Autumn 1985): 68-77.


Walter Dean photographed scenes and events in Forsyth, Montana from 1905 to the early 1920s.  This article includes biographical information about Dean, and a sampling of his photographs including views of the 1918 flood, county fair, Farm Bureau picnic, oil well, construction of an irrigation project, and a 1916 visit by Charles Evans Hughes.


Ralph E. DeCamp


“Ralph E. DeCamp: Artist as Photographer"

By William Lang and Barbara F. Rackley      

Montana the Magazine of Western History 39 (July 1979): 50-55.


Includes biographical information and a sampling of prints copies from DeCamp’s glass plate negatives (9 photographs) with titles. 


Through the Artist's Eye: The Paintings and Photographs of R. E. DeCamp, Images from the mind and heart of a Helena artist”

By Kirby Lambert

Montana the Magazine of Western History 49 (Summer 1999): 38-49.


An article about the art of Ralph DeCamp with biographical information and photographs by DeCamp and others.  Photographs include a view of DeCamp with Charles Russell and two photographs by DeCamp from which he produced oil paintings (Jawbone Railroad, Sixteen Mile Canyon and Upper End of Sixteen Mile Canyon).


F. Jay Haynes


“‘At the Greatest Personal Peril to the Photographer:’ The Schwatka-Haynes Winter Expedition in Yellowstone, 1887.”

By William L. Lang

Montana the Magazine of Western History 33 (Winter 1983): 14-28.


This article covers the 1887 expedition and is followed by four pages of Haynes photographs from the trip (winter scenes in Yellowstone Park).


F. Jay Haynes: Photographer

By Montana Historical Society

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1981.


Contains 160 representative Haynes photographs, including his publicity photographs for the Northern Pacific Railroad with views of depots and roundhouses, bridges and trestles, landscapes and towns, and Indian portraiture.  The book also includes some of Haynes’ work as the official photographer for Yellowstone National Park.


Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes

By Freeman Tilden

Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1964.


This work covers the life and photography of F. Jay Haynes with chapters organized by subjects including railroads, frontier towns, Indian portraiture, Yellowstone Park, and hunting.  An appendix details the photographic equipment and processes that Haynes used.


Northern Pacific Views: The Railroad Photography of F. Jay Haynes, 1876-1905

By Edward W. Nolan

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1983.


Photographs span Haynes’s work for the NPRR and include views of the railroad’s construction including construction of tracks, trestles, bridges, and tunnels, the last spike celebration, locomotives, railroad car interiors, depots, offices, and roundhouses, streets scenes of towns in the Dakota Territory and Montana, and views of Yellowstone Park. The photographs are indexed to their catalog numbers on page 202.


“A Portfolio of F. Jay Haynes Railroad Photographs.”

By Edward W. Nolan and John C. Smart

Montana the Magazine of Western History 33 (Summer 1983): 24-33.


This article discusses F. Jay Haynes work for the Northern Pacific Railroad (1876-1905) and includes samples of his photography. Views include early railroad construction, the Marent Gulch trestle, Gibbon Falls, the Missouri River, a street scene in Yakima, Washington, Wibaux, Montana, the Pack River trestle, and a railroad camp in the Beaver Creek Valley.


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L.A. Huffman


Before Barbed Wire:  L.A. Huffman, Photographer on Horseback

By Mark Brown and W.R. Felton

Henry Holt & Co., New York, 1956.


124 photographs by Huffman with views of early ranching and cowboy life in Montana (1880s to 1900s).


The Frontier Years: L.A. Huffman, Photographer of the Plains

By Mark Brown and W.R. Felton

Bramhall House, New York, 1955.


Organized by subject, the chapters cover Montana history (1860-1878), the life of L. A. Huffman, hunting in Montana, soldiers, towns, agriculture, and Indian portraits.  The text gives historical context for each subject, which is illustrated by Huffman’s photography.


L.A. Huffman: Pioneer Photographer

Introduction by Donna M. Forbes, Essay by Terry Karson

Yellowstone Art Center, 1990.


An essay by Terry Karson on the life and photography of Huffman precedes 46 pages with images of Huffman’s hand-tinted collotypes owned and exhibited by the Yellowstone Art Center and the glass plate negatives of the same images owned by the Montana Historical Society.


L. A. Huffman: Photographer of the American West

By Larry Len Peterson

Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2005.


Images are organized by chapters covering Yellowstone Park, Indian portraits, Miles City, ranching, cowboys, and herd scenes.  Most of the vintage photographs in this book are from the collection of Gene and Beverly Allen and include hand-colored collotypes made originally from the glass plate negatives in the MHS Photograph Archives.


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William Illingworth


"William Illingworth: Stereoscopic Eye on the Frontier West"

By Jeffrey P. Grosscup

Montana the Magazine of Western History 25 (Spring 1975): 36-50.


Illingworth accompanied the Fisk Expedition from Minnesota to Western Montana in 1866.  This article gives a biography of Illingworth and an account of the Fisk expedition illustrated with 14 of his stereoscopic views, some of which are in the MHS collection.


Ed and Emil Kopac


“From the Society: The Photographs of Ed and Emil Kopac”

By Delores J. Morrow and Sandra J. Barker

Montana the Magazine of Western History 55 (Winter 2005): 63-67.


The Kopacs traveled across the West in 1916/1917 and again the late 1920s and early 1930s, capturing images of historical sites and landscapes, including views of the Overland Trail. This brief article discusses the lives and travels of Ed and Emil Kopac and is accompanied by a few of their photographs.


Warren McGee


The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon: Classic Photographs of Equipment and Environment during the 1930-1955 Period.

By Richard Green, Warren McGee, and Ron Nixon

Northwest Shore Line, Seattle, 1985.


The book begins with a brief biography of each photographer.  Chapters are arranged by engine type: Mikados, Pacifics, Northerns, Early Articulateds, Yellowstones, Challengers, and Miscellaneous Engines, the Yellowstone Park Line, Passenger Diesels, and Freight Diesels.  The photographs are focused on train engines, but trestles, depots, and other structures are also visible. 


"The Railroad Photography of Warren McGee"

By Jennifer Jeffries Thompson

Montana the Magazine of Western History 57 (Autumn 2007): 46–59.


Organized by decade (1930s-1970s), these images include views of locomotives, the Northern Pacific Repair Shop, a train wreck, a gang working on a section of track, and Warren McGee.  Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption.


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Fred Miller


“‘Boxpotapesh’ of Crow Agency.”

By Jean I. Castles

Montana the Magazine of Western History 11 (Summer 1971): 85-93.


Fred Miller was called "Boxpotapesh" by the Crow Indians among whom he worked as a photographer and a land clerk at the Crow Agency.  This article gives a biography of Miller along with a number of his Indian portraits and discusses the unfortunate disposition of Miller’s negatives.


Myrta Wright Stevens


"Essay in Photographs: The Artistic Vision of Myrta Wright Stevens"

By Vivian Paladin and Carolyn Mattern

Montana the Magazine of Western History 25 (Summer 1975): 36-47. 


Mrs. Stevens was an amateur photographer who lived in Missoula, Montana. She learned photography after joining the Missoula Camera Club and then set about capturing images of Western Montana in the 1890s.  The images selected for this article include views of visitors, campsites, and cabins at Lolo Hot Springs, picnics on Rattlesnake Creek, and the Stevens family at their residence on North 2nd Ave in Missoula.


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Montana Photographers - General


"Female Photographers on the Frontier: Montana’s Lady Photographic Artists, 1866-1900"

By Delores J. Morrow

Montana the Magazine of Western History 32 (Summer 1982): 76-84.


Part of a special issue on 19th century women in Montana, this article profiles women photographers: Myrta Wright Stevens, Mrs. L. L. Brennan, Evelyn J. Cameron, M. A. Eckert, Jennie Fullerton, and Mrs. O. C. Brady.  Examples of their work follow the text.


Montana State Capitol


Montana’s State Capitol: The People’s House

By Kirby Lambert, Patricia M. Burnham, and Susan R. Near

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 2002.


Photographs include the views of previous seats of Montana government including the Territorial offices in Virginia City and the county courthouse in Helena; interior and exterior views of the Capitol building from the laying of the cornerstone in 1899 through the 2000 restoration.




Keeping the Peace: Police Reform in Montana, 1889-1918

By Robert A. Harvie

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1994.


Portraits of government and law enforcement officials; early street scenes of towns including Bannack, Glasgow, Bozeman, Whitefish, and Kalispell.



*See also the railroad photography of F. Jay Haynes and Warren McGee under the “Montana Photographers” section.


Guide to the Milwaukee Road in Montana

By Steve McCarter

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena,1992.


Includes views of railroad workers and construction, depots and trains.


Roads and Highways


On the Road Again: Montana’s Changing Landscape

By William Wyckoff

University of Washington Press, 2006.


Features photographs taken by state highway engineers for the Department of Transportation in the 1920s and 1930s paired with contemporary photographs taken at the same sites by the author.


A Traveler’s Companion to Montana History: A Montana Historical Society Guide

By Carroll Van West

Montana Historical Society, Helena, 1986.


Montana’s historical landscapes, reflecting centuries of human activity, are described and illustrated with historical photographs and contemporary images taken by the author, Carroll Van West, in 1984.  The book is divided into seven chapters each representing a region of the state, including the Lower Yellowstone, the Hi-Line, the Judith Basin, the Upper Yellowstone Valley, the Western Valleys, the Continental Divide, and the Upper Missouri.


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Yellowstone National Park

*See also Yellowstone Park photography by F. Jay Haynes under the “Montana Photographers” section.


Yellowstone Place Names

By Lee H. Whittlesey

Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, 1988.


Includes a varied selection of scenic images and views of park visitors (1870s – 1920s).  The majority of the photographs are by F. Jay Haynes.


Yellowstone: Selected Photographs, 1870-1960

By Carl Schreier (ed.)

Carl Schreier, 1989.


Photographs credited to the MHS Photograph Archives were taken by F. Jay Haynes and his son, Jack Ellis Haynes.  The photographs include scenic views and visitors in Yellowstone Park (1880s – 1951).



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