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Facts: Native Warriors: U-Z (redirected from Facts and Information: Native Warriors: U-Z)

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Native Warriors: U-Z


Last Name First Name Branch of Service Conflict or time of service Tribe
Udall Ernest E. (Bill) USA 1956 to 1958  
Ueiveke Jvss I.      
Uhlig Ralph G.      
Uon Frank      
Uonvy Martin T.      
Uorfn Michael      
Upham George J.      
Upham Joseph L.      
Utpzev Zqmwnd      
Uttei Thomas K.      
Uttgiclzx Jr. We       
Uutharme Joseph F.      
Uvving Wolf Uelvin      
Vaile Alvin      
Vandall Lyle B.      
Vanderburg Edward USA World War II and Korean War  
Vanderburg Eneas USA World War II  
Vanderburg George L. USA World War II  
Vanderburg Joseph USN Korean War; 1955-01 to 1957-12  
Vanderburg Shirley R. USA Vietnam War; 1968-71  
Vanderburg Victor USA Vietnam War  
Vanderburg William Roger USN Vietnam War  
Vcwards Wzzgit M.      
Vollertsen John W. USA Airborne    
Vollin Donald M. USA Korean War  
Vollin Dwayne USA Gulf War; 1983 to 1994  
Vondall David      
Von-Euen Frederick V. USA Air Force World War II  
Wadsworth Mark R. USMC Gulf War; 1986-10 to 1990-10  
Wadsworth (Edmo) Joey W. USA Gulf War; 1980 to 1992  
Wagner Joseph      
Wagner Kenneth R. USA Vietnam War  
Wagner Shannon R. USA Vietnam War  
Wagner Stuart D.      
Wakan George   WWII  
Wakan Julius   Korea  
Walker Clarence USA    
Walking Eagle Eddy      
Walking Eagle Leo       
Walking Eagle Victor WWII    
Walking Eagle  Ida Ricker      
Walking Eagle  Myrna       
Walking Eagle Jr. Donald      
Walking Eagle Sr. Donald      
Walks Daniel      
Walks On The Ground        
Wall Dennis G. USA Vietnam War; 1968-2-15 to 1970-2-6  
Wall Louis E. USAF Unknown  
Wall William A.      
Walla Michael      
Wallace Joe      
War Club Charles      
War Club Jr. Robert M.       
War Crup (War Club)        
Ward Dallas      
Warrior Leslie E.      
Warrior Nellie      
Watt Wilbur F.      
Waylett Lillis L. USA and National Guard Korean War; 1954 to 1964  
Wcwsey Vmnest      
Weasel Boy Alex      
Weasel Boy Linda      
Weasel Boy Louis      
Weaselhead Francis USA Vietnam War  
Weaselhead Joseph L. (Dusty) USA Vietnam War  
Weatherwax William J.      
Weaving Leonard L.      
Webber Douglas T. USA-National Guard Vietnam War; 1964-3-2 to 1969-12-3  
Webber Jr. Lynn J. USA 1956-1959  
Webster Frank H. USN World War II  
Webster Wayne USN    
Weeks Caressa      
Weeks David S.      
Weeks Gary James       
Weeks George B.      
Weeks George S.      
Weeks John G.      
Weeks Robert J.      
Weeks Warren Grant      
Weeks William   WWII  
Weeks III Lonnie P.      
Weeks Jr. Owen F.      
Weeks Sr. Owen F.       
Weinberger Adrienne      
Weinberger Arrow USN    
Weinberger Donald R.      
Weinberger Floyd      
Weinberger Frank      
Weinberger George      
Weivoda Collin USA Gulf War; currently serving  
Weivoda George J. USA World War II  
Weivoda Phillip O. USN and USCG    
Weivoda Wallace R. USA Korean War, 1954 to 1962  
Welch Allison W.   Korea  
Welch Francis   WWII  
Welch Robert      
Well Off Man Truman      
Wellknown Felix      
Wells Evelyn       
Wells James      
Wells Peter      
Wells Phyliss      
Wells Jr. Gerald       
Wetsit Donald R. USAR    
Wetsit Donald F.      
Wetsit Hans      
Wettlin Joshua      
Wettlin Raylynn      
Wettlin Sr. Leonard Dale       
Wheeler John C. USMC Unknown (1950s?)  
Wheeler John P. USN 1976-1-31 to 1980-1-31  
Wheeler Michael A. USA Vietnam War; 1971-06-14 to 1975-01-30  
Wheeler Victoria J. USA and USA Reserve Gulf War; 1982 to present (Reserve)  
Whipkey Raymond      
Whisman Robert K. USA Korean War; 1953-11-06 to 1955-11-04  
White Andrew Good boy   WWI   
White Bernard W. USA Air Force World War II  
White Conrad      
White Darrold D. USAF 1955 to 1958  
White David T.      
White Donald B. USA Vietnam War; 1960 to 1985  
White Elden USAF 1957-09 to 1966-01  
White Glenn P.   Korea  
White James R. USMC World War II  
White Robert W. USA Vietnam War  
White Wilmer G. USA World War II  
White (White Buffalo)        
White Bear Cody      
White Bear Donald USN    
White Bear Donnetta      
White Bear Fred Connor USN    
White Bear Maynard      
White Bull Jake USMC    
White Bull III Jacob      
White Calf        
White Cloud A.J.      
White Eagle Ken      
White Eagle Roscoe      
White Eagle Darrell USA    
White Eagle Ken      
White Eagle Roscoe USA    
White Eagle Thurman        
White Eagle Sr. Joe R.  USA WWII  
White Ealge  Janice M.      
White Hawk Andrew      
White Hawk Daniel      
White Hawk Donovan      
White Head Moses      
White Head William "Bill"      
White Head Sr. Kenneth       
White Horse Burton K.   WWII  
White Horse Moses      
White Jr. James R. USA Vietnam War  
White Man Runs Him        
White Shirt        
White Tail Feather Raymond      
Whiteclay Guy      
Whitefox Herbert      
Whitefox Raymond      
Whitehead Barbara      
Whitehorse Donald      
Whitehorse Sr. Joe       
Whiteman Clifford      
Whiteman Willis J.      
Whitford Sr. Art       
Whitright James      
Whitright Hubert      
Whitright  Chauncey F.   WWII  
Whitright Jr. Chauncey F.      
Whittle Michael USA    
Whitworth Clarence USN World War II  
Whitworth Shawn M. USA NG 1987 to 1990?   
Wilder George USA    
Wilkins Russell Brent      
Williams Frederick L. USA 1955 to 1957  
Williams Henry USN    
Williams Leonard L. USA Korean War; 1953-05 to 1956-08  
Williams Peter USA    
Williams Richard A. USN Vietnam War; 1965-01-05 to 1969-04-15  
Williams Richard E. USN 1956 to 1959  
Williams Ronald       
Williams Ronald H.      
Williams Ronald Pete      
Williams  Rod USMC    
Williamson John S.      
Williamson Murray L.      
Williamson Jr. Dexter       
Williamson Sr. Parker E.       
Wilson Bert A.      
Wilson Lawshia      
Wilson Paris C.   WWII  
Wilson Richard "Shorty"   WWII  
Wilson Richard V.      
Wilson Winfield      
Wilson Richard (Shorty)      
Windchief Christian      
Windchief-Roeddler Danielle      
Windy Boy Andrew      
Windy Boy Arnold      
Windy Boy Chester      
Windy Boy Leroy      
Windy Boy Kevin      
Windy Boy Nathaniel      
Windy Boy Ronald      
Windy Boy Sam Vernon      
Windy Boy William Paul      
Windy Boy Sr. John       
Winebrenner Melvin R. USA Vietnam War  
Wing Pius W.      
Wise Spirit John USA    
Wishart Charles A. USA World War II  
Wjhwfo Wfttiam N.      
Wold Ronald A. USA Vietnam War; 1963-11 to 1965-11  
Wolf Cap        
Wolf Guts Robert USA    
Wolfe Francis R.      
Wood Ray A. USA Vietnam War  
Woodcock Alexander USA Korean War  
Woodcock Clarence USA Vietnam War  
Woodcock Eneas (Warhoop) USA World War II  
Woodcock Isaac USA Korean War  
Woodcock Joseph (Bigsam) USA World War II  
Woodcock Peter USA Korean War  
Wooge Alex T.      
Worley Jack L.      
Worley John V. USN World War II  
Worley Joseph C.      
Worley Wilton S. USA World War II  
Wounded By White Man        
Wounded Face Josie      
Woundedeye Melvin R.      
Wox Jokexh      
Wright Charles      
Wright Huber      
Wright Irvin      
Wright James      
Wunder (Finley) James D. USMC Vietnam War  
Xrewty Weasel Leonard T.      
Xzo Thvut      
Yama Frank      
Yarlott Charles   WWII  
Yarlott Franklin L.   WWII  
Yarlott Sr. David    Korean War  
Yellow Hammer Ashley      
Yellow Hammer Bradley B. USN    
Yellow Hammer Joseph      
Yellow Hammer Jr. Ron  USA    
Yellow Hawk Elmer     WWII  
Yellow Hawk Willie      
Yellow Owl Dominic      
Yellow Owl Francis      
Yellow Owl Mathew      
Yellow Owl Myron L. USA    
Yellow Owl R.      
Yellow Owl Raymond USA WWII  
Yellow Owl William      
Yellow Owl  Wallace     Korea  
Yellow Owl Jr. James      
Yellow Robe Alvin   WWII  
Yellow Robe Calvin J.      
Yellow Robe John USAF    
Yellow Robe Leo N.   WWII  
Yellow Robe Leo Steve      
Yellow Robe Matt        
Yellow Robe Mattie A.      
Yellow Robe Ray      
Yellow Robe Roy      
Yellow Robe Wallace F.      
Yellow Robe Sr. Stanley   WWII  
Yellowfowl James C.      
Yoder Donald      
Young Edgar M. USCG Korean War  
Young Emerson      
Young Rudolph USA    
Young Ryan      
Young Thomas D. USN Vietnam War  
Young Bear Clifford USA    
Young Bear Arthur      
Youngman Arnold   WWII  
Youngman Dewayne USA    
Youngman Gabriel      
Youngman Howard USN    
Youngman John M.      
Youngman Julius      
Youngman Lawrence      
Youngman Lewis D.   WWI  
Youngman Louis A.   WWI  
Youngman Michael W.      
Youngman Monte USA    
Youngman Muriel W.      
Youngman Paul      
Youngman Wilma F. First      
Youngman  William C.      
Youngman Jr. Douglas E.  USMC    
Youngman Sr. Doulgas    Korea  
Youngman Sr. Michael W.      
Youngman Sr. Warren C.      
Youngrunningcrane J.      
Youpee Allen      
Youpee Bernard        
Youpee Bernice      
Youpee Cary      
Youpee Dwight      
Youpee Gary USA    
Youpee Jim        
Youpee Jewel      
Youpee John Russell      
Youpee Joseph      
Youpee Leroy      
Youpee Lloyd      
Youpee Pierre      
Youpee Waylon Z.      
Youpee Jr. Lester       
Youpee Jr. Louis      
Youpee Sr. Lester      
Zamora Carlo      
Zander Donald H. USA World War II  
Zens William I. USMC Korean War  
Zimmerman Daniel      
Zimmerman Gary      



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